The War On Presents.

This is my first time sitting at my computer for more than 5 minutes in over 2 months. It feels pretty great, although the screen in giving me a headache, I’m not quite used to this anymore. I’ve missed you guys! I know we don’t usually speak, but I feel your presence through my views counter, so I know I’m not talking to myself… which is nice. I’m behind on so many aspects of my life. I’ve had to come up with strategies for surviving the holiday season as a microscopic business owner, hopefully next season won’t include a life altering natural disaster. Fingers crossed.

I have a wedding to plan. Every time I see people, which (trust me) has been very rare lately, they ask about how my wedding plans are coming along. I have a dress, a venue and a 9+ hour playlist of love songs… as for everything else, I have slightly over 8 months to plan for. Ahh!

I mailed out my last holiday order today. It was the most amazing sigh of relief I’ve felt in over 10 weeks. I have several more orders to fulfill, but there’s something about that devilish holiday title that adds so much pressure. If I’m a few days behind schedule now, I know its not the end of the world. But, I just mailed my last holiday order… 6 days after Christmas. It felt horrible. I’m a douche, I hate me. I have a pretty good excuse, that no one on the receiving end of a week late present is gonna care about, but I do.

This guy had a very special birthday, lets just say he turned 29 for the second time. He’s still a bit sensitive about aging. He’s been so patient about losing me to crocheting. For two months he had no couch snuggling partner, had to cook all the meals and do all the cleaning (our apartment was pretty messy) and he had to go to bed alone every night and get woken up between 3 and 6am by me climbing in to sleep. I owed him, so I promised I would take off for his birthday weekend and we’d go away to celebrate, just us. We went up to Hudson and had an amazing time… unfortunately the night before we left for home, Terrence got the flu. And the next day he gave it to me, but I got it a million times worse than he did and wanted to die for about a week and a half. That’s my excuse. I was sick for Christmas and the week leading up to it, it was miserable. I tried several times to sit up and crochet but my body laughed at me and patted my head so I had to lay back down. The worst.

It seemed like the holidays, although I’d been a slave to them for over two months, never came for me. Halloween passed us by because of Hurricane Sandy, Thanksgiving snuck up on us and we just barely caught it, and Christmas did the same. I actually had to go out and shop on Christmas Eve… devil. I kind of want a do-over. Which is ok, since my family celebrates Three Kings Day, I still have one last chance to do something right. Maybe.

Even this lead image up there… we took that about 30 minutes to midnight on Christmas day and emailed our loved ones with 5 minutes to spare. I was working on our costumes during drinks after Christmas dinner. Turned out ok though, I think. We went for a Zissou Christmas theme this year, theirs a story behind it… but I may have blabbed enough for one post so I’ll tell you about it later.

Happy New Year! We’ll catch up some more soon, promise. For now I have a little music to catch up on, I owe Riley a few months of soundtrack.