Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 3

Happy Summer, y’all! Ok, now that the sun is in full effect I REALLY need to get some sunglasses. I only tested one pair during my last try-on, I have to check out a few more to make my final decision. It’s hard being blind in the summer months, prescription sunglasses are crazy expensive. Thank goodness for companies like Bonlook and Warby Parker. Its like this whole new world to me, I no longer have to wear a pair of non-prescriptions over my regular glasses or spend over $200. Well… once I find a suitable pair that is.

Madison Sunglasses in Rum Cherry

So… what do ya think?

Again, I love the color… I’m a huge Rum Cherry fan. I thought the frames were slightly large for my face, but I kind of liked them. I still wanna try a few more. I’m really into the new Ocean Avenue Collection, but they don’t send those home. I have to make my way to the new Warby Parker store on Lafayette St. soon before they’re all gone. I’ve been dying to have an excuse to go anyway.

A lot of low cost yet fashionable online glasses shops are popping up all over, its nice, but what makes Warby Parker the best (to me) are the home try-ons. Who wants to invest in a pair of glasses that you can’t test out first? I know most of these online shops have the virtual try-on option, but I can’t deal with it, I find it so useless. Plus, this is so much fun.

Fun with Warby Parker
June 7th | Sloan
June 14 | Roosevelt
June 21 | Madison


2010 | HTO I
2011 | HTO II

See you next week!



Come out and play.

For months I’ve been waiting to see these infamous cicadas. Everyone keeps talking about them, posting pictures of swarms coming out of the ground. Terrence and I have been whining about feeling left out for months, that is until he went backpacking upstate and came home with these pictures.

What a jerk. Now I was the only person that hadn’t seen any cicadas. I was convinced they just didn’t like Staten Island’s North Shore, every park I’ve visited so far have been completely cicada-free. I concluded that I would forever be the only person that wasn’t going to see any cicadas… that is until yesterday. I drove down to the South Shore to quickly grab something from Target and on my way into the store I saw a squished cicada on the floor. I WAS SO EXCITED! I called Amanda immediately to boast about my cicada sighting, who cares if it was dead or alive, I saw one. She didn’t answer, my excitement had to stay within. Then on my way out of the store I saw several more squished cicadas, I began to count, 1-2-3… 4-5, AND THEN… I heard a lady screaming and saw her waving her hands all around her head. CICADAS!!!!! I saw 3 flying around the parking lot, it made me so happy. I can’t wait to go back to the South Shore now and go on a cicada hunt. I want to get up close and personal with my new friends.

I know you might think I’m gross, but I love them.


*All photos taken by Terrence O’Brien

State of a dress.


What happens to a wedding dress when the party is over? The above picture is of me playing around in my mothers old dress. I’ve worn it for Halloween and other various bouts of dress up throughout my life. I’ve never had any grand ideas of getting married in it, I just thought it was fun to play with. My mother really wanted me to get married it in, but it just wasn’t my style and I certainly didn’t want to cut her dress up… seemed rude. My mom is all about traditions, superstitions, faith… all things I’m not about.

Recently my mom and I were sitting around discussing the afterlife of my wedding dress, I want to dye it and keep on wearing it. I hate the idea of wearing something once and deserting it in the closet or in a box for the rest of its life. When I casually mentioned this conversation to Terrence he was very opinionated. Who knew he was so invested in the life of my dress. He wants me to save it for my daughter, he’s weird. Terrence teeters on the line of wanting and not wanting children, so whenever he makes these grand declarations I get confused.

My mothers wedding dress is currently balled up on top of a box in my brothers garage. After Hurricane Sandy dissolved her home it was among the few things spared. It was on a high shelf in a dress box. We took off one weekend from cleaning out her apartment and her landlords threw away nearly everything we had salvaged, oddly enough they took her dress out of its box and balled it up and left it atop a tiny pile of things they decided to keep for her. She hasn’t wanted to look at the tiny pile of things since we recovered them… so there it sits, still in the state that it arrived in. Observing the life of my mothers wedding dress put a little less emphasis on saving things like that. Hurricane Sandy put a new spin on possessions for me all together. I’d rather choose the fate of my keepsakes rather than be heartbroken by the fate chosen for them.

So… I wanna dye my wedding dress pale pink and wear it to parties. I’m sure my imaginary daughter won’t be offended.

We Will Become Silhouettes

This past weekend I fulfilled the dream of my 19-year-old self, I saw The Postal Service live. It was absolutely fantastic. I was filled with such an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. I could visualize just about every moment I listened to Give Up back in 2003, from empty parking lots to dark bedrooms. It was an amazing feeling. The best part was that Jenny Lewis was there to complete the team, I was wondering which female vocalist they would bring along from the album, I’m glad they chose her. I love Jenny so much. Amanda and I got drunk very quickly and danced and sang along to every song.

I was a college freshman when Give Up came out and Amanda was a high school freshman… I feel a lot older… probably because I am. Its different with a band like The Postal Service, since they only made one album. I’ve seen plenty of bands live that I’ve been listening to for over a decade and not had that feeling. The Postal Service definitely represents a time in my life, whereas those other bands don’t necessarily do the same thing for me.

After the show we drove around listening to The Postal Service, Figurine, Rilo Kiley, Dntel and a little Death Cab For Cutie… we were in full on nostalgia mode. I’m amazed I could still remember all the lyrics to all these songs that are 10 or more years old. We exchanged stories that each song transported us back to… it was a good night.

I only wish more of our friends could have enjoyed this night with us, but it was nice even with just us.

“Everything will change…”


Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 2

Remember when I said I wanted blue frames for the wedding… here are the first ones. The color made me sooo happy. I was instantly wide awake and having fun the moment I put them on. The Roosevelt’s were by far my favorite to play with… I think it shows.

Roosevelt in Bondi Blue

So… what do ya think?

I love the color, but I don’t think they work on me. They’re a touch too big and I’ve decided that the style of nose piece, keyhole, doesn’t work for my face. From now on I’ll try to avoid it, although most of my favorite pairs have it. I find that all the best colored frames either have that keyhole, they’re round or have the eyes on cheek thing… this is how I describe the ones that I’ve decided don’t suit my face. One day I’ll find out the proper terms for them.

It’s been two years since I last updated my sight, so the hunt for new frames shall continue. I also desperately need sunglasses, I’m getting old and squinting makes for crows feet. I’ve started getting headaches when I drive in the strong sun and those visors are no help. So I have two hunts, wedding frames and driving frames. Wish me luck.

Fun with Warby Parker
June 7th | Sloan
June 14 | Roosevelt


2010 | HTO I
2011 | HTO II

See you next week!


Our weekend in Instagram

We had ourselves a full, fun and delicious weekend. Saturday started at the annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party in and around Madison Square Park. We go every year, and every year its amazingly delicious. If you’re a carnivore, I strongly recommend it. After we had our fill of meat, we sought out dessert uptown at Ladurée for the best macarons in the city (as far as we’re concerned). Since we were nearby, we decided to walk over to Central Park to sit and eat our dessert with the Alice in Wonderland statue. We capped off Saturday with drinks and a light dinner at the Beer Garden in Battery Park, where we met a very curious little bird. Saturday was an awesome NYC day. My friends and I plotted out our plan to tourist it up this Summer. We’re all born and raised New Yorkers, but none of us have ever taken full advantage of the sites. For most of us tourists are irritating, we’d never want to be mistaken for one. This summer that will change, we fully intend to do as much tourist stuff as we can fit in, I’ll be documenting our adventures with the hashtag #mistakenfortourists. Also, Amanda and I will be hashtagging our random adventures together with our new duo name, #pandana (sadly a ton of people use this hashtag, we might have to come up with a new one).

Terrence left for E3 in L.A. early Sunday morning. So Sunday was all about the ladies. Amanda and I had planned to go back into the city for round two of the block party and do some shopping. Unfortunately, we got a late start and had to skip it. Instead we were tourists on our own island. We went to Willowbrook Park and rode the carousel then strolled around looking for cicadas (no luck). Then we picked up my mom to head into Manhattan for lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster and a bit more tourist fun. After a quick dip in the city we came back to Staten Island and I showed my mother and Amanda parts of the waterfront around the ferry that they’d never seen before.

Finally, we ended the evening with pizza and Game of Thrones. Good weekend. I hope to have more like it this summer. You can find me (@anapetree) and Amanda (@iamanda123) on instagram this Summer to follow along and see the sites.

P.S. I forgot to mention that we stumbled upon an impromptu Krishna parade on Saturday. Don’t get confused, Amanda isn’t enlightened or anything.

Year Four, Month Five. (41/192)

I didn’t immediately like this song, it was a grower, but now its my jam. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for their album, Mosquito, which did not grow on me at all… it makes me kind of sad. I love me some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I hope this isn’t the start of something bad. I’ve been listening to a lot of their older stuff to cheer myself up.

I almost didn’t pick Sacrilege, I went back and forth a lot between it and the ones below… inevitably I chose it for being more upbeat. Riley is little, she likes to dance… I’m not sure that she would appreciate Autre Ne Veut as much as I do.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sacrilege

Other notable songs,
Autre Ne Veut, Counting
Autre Ne Veut, Play By Play
Justin Timberlake, Mirrors

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 4.
October | Anything Could Happen
November | Wrath of God
December | Sheila
January | San Francisco
February | Sacrilege

Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 1

Its been a few years since I’ve had fun with some Warby’s. So long in fact that some of my past favorites aren’t even available anymore… sad (in case you missed those, check out try-ons one and two here). I took hundreds of photos this time around, so instead of having one post I thought I’d drag it out. From now on, or until I run out of styles, Friday will be Fun with Warby Parker Day.

The objective of this set of home try-ons was to find a suitable pair of new specs to get married in. Originally I only had blue frames in this set, but I realized that some of the frames wouldn’t suit my face and I took them out. I’m actually still not even sure about any of the frames from this box and I’ll probably end up doing it again. I really do want a blue pair for the wedding, or at least something new and fun. Plus, its time for new glasses anyway. Here it goes you guys, our first pair, our first Friday…

Sloan in Rum Cherry

So… what do ya think?

I know these photos are a little stiff, It’s been so long since I did self portraits… especially close ups, I loosen up and start to have fun with it after these frames. Maybe the deep red made me serious… I dunno.

See you next week!


See you soon.

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Penelope and Clyde will be closing temporarily so I can focus on my upcoming wedding. Anything purchased from now until closing day may not ship until August 30th. If you guys have any questions feel free to message me through etsy or directly at penelopeandclyde@gmail.com

Who, What, Wear: Everything Is Food

If you haven’t already guessed it by the site of the snow on the ground, this post is a bit late. Not as late as you think… it was actually warm this day, despite the frost. Amanda and I did a few photo shoots since our last style post here, most of them you won’t be seeing… we’re still getting the hang of this. She’s getting used to being in front of the camera and I’m getting used to directing someone to be photographed.

This is one of my favorite of Amanda’s dresses, its perfectly yummy. When she first got it she was a little lost on what to pair with it, but as you can see she’s getting a lot more confident at putting together her outfits. I remember when I met Amanda, back in 2006, she had just graduated high school and always matched from head to toe. If she had on a pink top, her socks were pink… if her top was striped with 4 colors, she had a bangle and earrings to represent each color… she was hilarious. Amanda always looked great, she was just afraid to mix it up.

She’s still a stickler for matching perfectly, she’s just learning how to create teams of colors that go together, rather than all the same colors. This is an important thing for a girl as colorful as Amanda.

Bracelet / Kate Spade, Dress & Sunglasses / Modcloth, Tights / Target, Earrings / Betsey Johnson, Shoes / Chelsea Crew c/o Modcloth, Purse / Indie Darling