Are your blankets done with crochet or knitting?
All my work is done with crochet. I wish I knew how to knit, whenever I learn I forget once I stop.
Are your patterns for sale?
I actually don’t work from patterns, at least not anything traditional. I just have a basic template of how many rows each blanket is and that’s mostly all I right down. I do a lot of staring at screen shots.
Do you sew your designs on?
Not at all. Everything is stitched right in, with a whole lot of color exchanging.
Do you keep any blankets in stock?
I used to, but I don’t have the space to keep blankets around. Once I held onto a blanket for several months waiting for it to sell. After that I decided it would be easier to just make them as the orders come.
Would you be able to make a custom design of ________?
The majority of the time this answer is simple, its usually yes. Other times the request is for something I simply can’t do. Such as, portraits, cartoon characters, modern video games… etc. For now my limitations are 8-bit only. I work in mostly early 80’s arcade and console games.

I hope this helps with any queries you may have had. If you have any new questions for me, please, feel free to ask.

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