Guess Who’s Back?!

I’ve been on my computer for nearly 4 hours now, its totally weird. I’m a bit nauseous, the screen is definitely getting to me. I almost feel as though I’ve been living under a rock these last few months, all this new music and news… who knew the world kept on going without me?!

I’m going to try to catch you guys up as best I can before I become swamped with orders and go back into hiding! Since we last spoke I’ve been wifed up, its totally awesome being married to Terrence, he’s kind of the greatest… shhh, don’t tell him. I’ll talk about things wedding in depth in another post, in the meantime here’s a tiny glimpse…

Photo by Evan Brockett

I want to wait until we get back all of the wedding photos to talk about it, I can’t wait to share our wedding story with you guys!

I reopened my etsy shop today, I’m a tiny bit scared of all the orders that will soon follow… scared and excited. I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’ll have some new friend reveals this week… not nearly as many as I wanted, sorry, getting married is time consuming. I’m also having second thoughts about opening the storenvy shop, its fully stocked and ready though. We’ll see, I’m worried about overworking myself with little prep time because of the wedding. I would have preferred to have had some blankets already made and some half made to be a step ahead of the chaos, without that safety net I might end up burning out with two shops.

But enough silly chit chat, lets get started on some blanket reveals! Not that the internet didn’t already spoil my surprises months ago, but lets pretend they didn’t and act surprised anyway! YAY!


State of a dress.


What happens to a wedding dress when the party is over? The above picture is of me playing around in my mothers old dress. I’ve worn it for Halloween and other various bouts of dress up throughout my life. I’ve never had any grand ideas of getting married in it, I just thought it was fun to play with. My mother really wanted me to get married it in, but it just wasn’t my style and I certainly didn’t want to cut her dress up… seemed rude. My mom is all about traditions, superstitions, faith… all things I’m not about.

Recently my mom and I were sitting around discussing the afterlife of my wedding dress, I want to dye it and keep on wearing it. I hate the idea of wearing something once and deserting it in the closet or in a box for the rest of its life. When I casually mentioned this conversation to Terrence he was very opinionated. Who knew he was so invested in the life of my dress. He wants me to save it for my daughter, he’s weird. Terrence teeters on the line of wanting and not wanting children, so whenever he makes these grand declarations I get confused.

My mothers wedding dress is currently balled up on top of a box in my brothers garage. After Hurricane Sandy dissolved her home it was among the few things spared. It was on a high shelf in a dress box. We took off one weekend from cleaning out her apartment and her landlords threw away nearly everything we had salvaged, oddly enough they took her dress out of its box and balled it up and left it atop a tiny pile of things they decided to keep for her. She hasn’t wanted to look at the tiny pile of things since we recovered them… so there it sits, still in the state that it arrived in. Observing the life of my mothers wedding dress put a little less emphasis on saving things like that. Hurricane Sandy put a new spin on possessions for me all together. I’d rather choose the fate of my keepsakes rather than be heartbroken by the fate chosen for them.

So… I wanna dye my wedding dress pale pink and wear it to parties. I’m sure my imaginary daughter won’t be offended.

You are cordially… definitely… possibly… invited.

Drama is taking the reigns of our wedding planning and stressing me out. Up until now I had been pretty lax in my planning, that is until I realized how quickly the dates are approaching. I have to seriously start mapping things out and stop pretending I have time on my side. First order of business has been the guest list, the dreaded guest list. We knew this would be an issue the moment we booked the venue, once the director told us we had a 150 guest cap. This number wouldn’t seem so bad to most couples, most couples that don’t have mothers with 10 siblings each. Yeah, and these 20 aunts and uncles come equipped with children, and grand children… and significant others. Damn, did I mention the plus one factor, oh that’s right… I’m trying to block it out.

I admitted to my mother fairly early on that she was going to be upset with my cutthroat invitation process, and she was. My mother and I preceded to argue over the guest list for months… and months. That is until last week when she finally conceded. I’m not particularly close with the majority of my excessively large family, most of whom I only see at funerals. I know, I’m a shitty relative, I’m socially awkward in most aspects of my life, this does not exclude family functions… I hate functions.

Recently we realized the cost of getting married is pretty high and it would be easier on us to keep things minimum, meaning we were going to try to move our 150 cap closer to a 75. This conversation about finances was the one that opened my mothers eyes and inspired her to stop arguing with me. However, Terrence hadn’t even begun arguing with his parents, and he picked the worst time to start… mostly because I was in the room and really didn’t want to be apart of that discussion.

I wish things were easier. But honestly, I’d rather have a modest gathering of my closest and most important friends and family, rather than a plethora of obligation invites. Unfortunately this process is going to be ugly and people will be unnecessarily offended. Hopefully most people will be more open minded and honest about what kind of relationship they think they may have with us. Wouldn’t that be nice.

But on the bright side… we found the cutest invitations! Yeah, we kind of swooned.

Obviously these are fully customizable and will be altered to suit us and our wedding details. But you get the basic idea and the final result will still be a surprise. Even though only a select few will be receiving these fantastic little cards in the mail, don’t worry I’ll share the final product when the time comes.

xo, Ana

Destination, lourve.

I fell in love with Terrence before I met him. I remember waking up every morning and rushing to my computer, knowing there would be a new email or instant messages waiting for me, for weeks Christmas came daily. Once we finally hung out it got harder to appear sane and fight the urge to blurt out my feelings. It took me several months to reveal them, and ever since its been kind of awesome. I knew I wanted to marry him pretty early on as well, everything about our relationship moved quickly, I think it all relates back to our email acquaintanceship. I love to listen to Terrence ramble on, I love his company and seeing his adorable face everyday. He is everything to me and I’m pretty psyched to be contractually bound to him.

This weekend we went out to test run these unsightly glasses for Terrence’s job. He had to take them out for a few different activities, one of my favorites being a bike ride. Usually when Terrence and I go out for bike rides we like to swing by the same couple of spots, one of which being the beautiful Alice Austen House, the location where we will being getting married next Fall.

Being there is kind of magical, it fills the both of us with this spark and excitement. I wish planning weddings were a bit easier, I’d marry him tomorrow if it were simpler. I would get married at City Hall if I could but I know my mother, she would give me the silent treatment for about a decade. I didn’t have a sweet sixteen or go to my high school prom, my mother needs to see me in a puffy dress. I wouldn’t mind it either, I could use a good puffy dress day.

We intend to have the ceremony either on the front lawn or along the bushes on the waterfront pictured above. These details are dependent on the weather. If it rains the front lawn will have to be dominated by a big circus tent. Either way our plan is to have the water and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as the backdrop.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the details as they unfold… not too many though, I’ve gotta keep some of the mystique for the big day.

We had a lot of fun on our bicycle adventure this weekend, here are a few pictures from along the way.

(This landmark was supposed to become the National Lighthouse Museum… until funding fell through and it was left to just fall apart. The location is one of my favorite spots on the island, sadly it remains undone and closed off.)

(Odd that we came across this Maxx Moses, a street artisit from CA, piece just chilling on the side of Edgewater)

(I’ve determined that these glasses are ugly to distract you from the built in camera capturing your every move)

Ana is wearing: Shirt/H&M, Jeans/Delias, Shoes/Seychelles, Necklace/A Beautiful Mess for Modcloth. Terrence is wearing: Shirt/American Apparel, Pants/Levi’s, Shoes/PF Flyers.