Old flame.

So I was just catching my breath between cleaning rooms and caught an interview on SNY with Ryan Church previously of the NY Mets and currently of the ATL Braves. I was so hurt, it was the exact pain generally reserved for seeing your ex-boyfriend looking happy with his new girlfriend. I immediately wanted to strip my clothes off and lure him back to me with ex-sex that a week later we would both regret. Oh but for that brief week before realizing exactly why it was we had broken up in the first place we would be so happy.

Terrible Tube, Part II

Why am I still watching this show?  I think it’s actively getting worse, I’m not sure if it’s the writers that have never actually sat with a real fifteen or sixteen year old or if I’m just too old and out of touch with how irritating teenagers have become.  I have this (I don’t know if I should call it unnatural since I am a girl and all) obsession with all things pregnant.  I watch any show, movie or documentary about pregnant people so I know what drew me to watching this terrible hour of television each Monday night but I’m not sure what’s keeping me.  One comforting thing about this show is at least now that Molly Ringwald is preggers in the really real world she at least has an excuse for being overweight… the hideous part is still up for debate though.

All the lead character does in The Secret Life of the American Teenager is whine and it drives me mad, it got me wondering about the actual youth of America today.  Thankfully MTV decided to ride the coattails of Juno and make a new realty docudrama about 16 year old fornicators dealing with pregnancy and motherhood.  Which I also can’t get enough of, I have a problem.  Although every now and then I take a break from yelling at the television long enough to feel compassion for some of these girls and to thank Jeebus for giving me a great Mother.  On 16 & Pregnant the most bothersome aspect of the show to me is the lack of breast feeding… it makes me crazy to hear these teens gripe over the cost of formula when they have free milk they’re putting to waste.  Well maybe another disturbing facet would be the parents and the boyfriends… especially some of these parents.  It really does make me appreciate my own teenage life at home.  My Mom is the best, thankfully I’ve never taken her for granted and have always been of this opinion.  After a few episodes of this show it just makes you reach for the phone and remind Mom that you love her.

Say hi to William and Harry for me.

In case you didn’t know I have a bit of a Gilmore Girls addiction. Me and my mother used to watch it together and when we no longer lived with each other we’d talk on the phone after every new episode. I was very sad to see the show go and since it ended have been watching 6 seasons of it on loop thanks to ABC Family. One thing that’s always bothered me was how dirty the network did Amy Sherman-Palladino and the fact that I’ll never know the way she wanted the show to end. She always talked about how she knew since the beginning how she’d wanted to end it and the network robbed her and us of that satisfaction. Recently ABC Family acquired the rights to the 7th and final season of Gilmore. A season I didn’t really enjoy, it felt rushed and unfamiliar. The characters were slightly unlike themselves. The storyline shifted in ways I wasn’t happy with. But today as I was watching the very musically charged final Palladino written episode I actually cried. I’d seen this episode countless times, it should no longer have an effect on me. But when Rory and Logan were saying goodbye and Luke and Lorelai were breaking up, it felt almost like (yes, I’m lame) a goodbye to Palladino. Perhaps the show should have stopped there to spare us the out of character ending we got later.

As much as a part of me wishes for a Gilmore movie to rectify the wrong I know it would be terrible. Sort of like what the Sex and the City movie did to me. I’ll never understand why Michael Patrick King thought he could write that movie on his own when he wrote the show with a team. Without them I felt the same way about that film like I do the last season of Gilmore. It was vaguely what it was supposed to be like but missing something that made it work. I could go on and on about my distaste for that movie, but I’ll save it for another blog.

Murtaugh List

In a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother Ted introduces what he calls his “Murtaugh list” (named for Roger Murtaugh, the character from Lethal Weapon played by Danny Glover whose constantly exclaiming “I’m too old for this shit!”), in which he lists off all the things he and his friends are now too old for.  Since turning 25 I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of being too old for this and that.  Not to mention as of late I’ve been consumed by a barrage of adolescent bullshit.  So I decided I would start my own Murtaugh list or in the least a grouping of juvenile occurrences or realizations compiled in a neat category all its own.

My new friend Krazy Glue.

Wednesday night I fell asleep watching television in bed when some time in the middle of the night I woke up to turn it off and officially go to sleep. I reached for the remote, after which I went for my glasses and noticed something a bit odd. It was the feeling of my left speck arm falling by my neck instead of following the rest of my glasses towards my “night stand” (crate of records). Why!? I was so ticked off I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and even had to go to work in a 7 year old pair that made me want to puke all day long. Since that day my new best friend has become this tube of instant Krazy Glue that Terrence brought home for me. The arm has since fallen again to dismemberment but I will continue to mend it until I can afford a new pair. It’s depressing because I have to tap into my camera savings for this sudden necessity. I’m currently doing my research for an even more awesome pair of cateye lenses… of course in the red variety since I now have a trademark to uphold. So much for my terrific Nikon. Stupid pillow.