Our Princess Is In Another Castle!

Please help me in welcoming our third and final new friend for the season, the Another Castle Throw! I was hoping to add a lot more blankets to my shop this season, but getting married was a swell trade off. The one that got away… yet again, was my triforce throw. I was, however, able to get a couple of rows in before I got lost in wedding crafts. But enough about weddings and Zelda, and more about Mario!

I actually had to make this throw slightly larger than my usual throws due to the width of the sentences. So you gain about an extra 3 inches on the top and bottom, which may not sound like much… but your toes will enjoy it.

Another Castle Throw is approximately 4’7″ wide and 3’8″ long and as always is made with 100% acrylic yarn for easier at home care.

You can see this throw and many of its friends over at my etsy shop!

More photos can be found here.

The formal introduction of…

Bubble Bobble, the blanket!!!

I was approached some time last year with a request for a Bubble Bobble custom, it was by far the MOST fun blanket to sketch and create. I loved every moment I worked on Bubble Bobble, my favorite part was how customized it was. Each enemy and points item were hand selected, as well as the three scores at the top. It makes me super happy to create something so personal for someone.

If I could own any of my blankets, this would be the one I’d want.

It’s so colorful and happy, each dino, enemy, bubble, points item and candy cane striped platform that I finished got me giddy. I would love to do more personalized combinations of this blanket one day, feel free to send me a custom request on etsy if you want one.

This Bubble Bobble blanket is now available in my shop, Penelope and Clyde at Etsy.

Many more photos can be found here.

Guess Who’s Back?!

I’ve been on my computer for nearly 4 hours now, its totally weird. I’m a bit nauseous, the screen is definitely getting to me. I almost feel as though I’ve been living under a rock these last few months, all this new music and news… who knew the world kept on going without me?!

I’m going to try to catch you guys up as best I can before I become swamped with orders and go back into hiding! Since we last spoke I’ve been wifed up, its totally awesome being married to Terrence, he’s kind of the greatest… shhh, don’t tell him. I’ll talk about things wedding in depth in another post, in the meantime here’s a tiny glimpse…

Photo by Evan Brockett

I want to wait until we get back all of the wedding photos to talk about it, I can’t wait to share our wedding story with you guys!

I reopened my etsy shop today, I’m a tiny bit scared of all the orders that will soon follow… scared and excited. I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’ll have some new friend reveals this week… not nearly as many as I wanted, sorry, getting married is time consuming. I’m also having second thoughts about opening the storenvy shop, its fully stocked and ready though. We’ll see, I’m worried about overworking myself with little prep time because of the wedding. I would have preferred to have had some blankets already made and some half made to be a step ahead of the chaos, without that safety net I might end up burning out with two shops.

But enough silly chit chat, lets get started on some blanket reveals! Not that the internet didn’t already spoil my surprises months ago, but lets pretend they didn’t and act surprised anyway! YAY!


Harley Quinn, The Worst/Best Thing Ever.

Several months ago I was approached on Etsy with a request I couldn’t turn down. My style of crochet is fairly simplistic, I stay within my little 8-bit world and my black backgrounds. Occasionally folks ask me to do some pretty crazy things, portraits, PlayStation level graphics game throws, blankets with dozens of conflicting elements and characters, Harley Quinn… hmm. Usually I give the same response, I explain the simplistic nature of my skills and how difficult it is for me to branch outside my 8-bit universe. Something seemed fun about taking on Harley though, so I foolishly took the challenge.

I took this order in the midst of my busy season, this being my first year with a fully stocked store and steady business, I didn’t know that my busy season wasn’t over yet. Last time I put up a few items that sold out for Christmas, then it was over. I had a week long lull after the holidays and then out of nowhere a completely new surge of orders, among those was Harley Quinn. I wasn’t prepared to keep working through to the Summer, I hadn’t even started my many wedding crafts that I have planned (still haven’t). The closer I got on my order list to Harley, the more stressed I became. I asked my customer if it was ok to finish all my other work before concentrating on Harley, this way it had my full attention and was executed correctly. She sent me the most encouraging emails throughout this difficult process. At times I literally sat staring blankly at my computer and sketch book tearing up and having panic attacks. I had no idea what I got myself into. I even went as far as to purchase a cross stitch pattern, boy was that a dumb idea… complete gibberish. I was ready to throw in the towel, what kept me motivated was this amazingly understanding customer of mine, who if she didn’t live states away I would hug. If I had any other type of customer, perhaps one that wasn’t caring and treated me like a crochet monkey and sent me impatient emails (I get tons of those) I would have quit. I’m glad this wasn’t the case.

Terrence saw how stressed I was and made computer magic happen, he did something in my photo editing program that turned this image into a 16-bit one.

After that I was able to hit my stride, it took me over a week to do the sketch. My 8-bit sketches usually takes me a day or two, if I procrastinate. Hunched over the laptop, sharpening my pencil down to a nub, I went to bed each night cross-eyed and achy. But this was the fun part, I was enjoying the process. I received a ton of encouragement from Terrence, my mom (always) and my girlfriends. Once I started the actual crocheting part it was a breeze, it took me about 3 weeks to complete stitching Harley. I worked quickly and excitedly each day, knowing that I was creating something for an awesome person only made the work more rewarding.

I see many flaws in this blanket, I’m my own worst critic, I’ve been told I’m an idiot. I showed my brother the pictures and he immediately requested a Wolverine blanket, I promptly said no**. I got a bunch of compliments from friends, but none of the feedback I received was as heartwarming as the email I got from my customer.

Our window to leave feedback on etsy expired, so we couldn’t officially tell the etsy world of our experience with each other. I tried emailing etsy to give it back so I could exclaim my adoration for my new favorite customer, they shot me down… mean. I made her these gratitude gifts on the Sunday before I shipped her package. I love it when I have time to make gifts for customers, I haven’t been able to do it in months.

I originally had no plans to add Harley Quinn to my shop, but after the adventure we had together I’m thinking about it. It would be a shame to waste all that work. What do you guys think?



*More pictures can be found, here.

**I’m currently not accepting requests for custom blankets. I really have to start those wedding crafts, only 2 months left to make the bouquets, boutineers and decorations. Oy.

See you soon.

Use the coupon code, SEEYOUSOON10 to receive 10% off at Penelope and Clyde.

I will not be renewing any sold out listings until October.

Penelope and Clyde will be closing temporarily so I can focus on my upcoming wedding. Anything purchased from now until closing day may not ship until August 30th. If you guys have any questions feel free to message me through etsy or directly at penelopeandclyde@gmail.com

Until we meet again.

It’s time to temporarily deactivate my large blankets from Etsy. Don’t worry, they’ll be back in time for the holidays. I have to focus on our wedding plans and all the events leading up to and after. I’m hoping to take the time to create some special edition blankets, fingers crossed. Maybe even a few new friends will come in Autumn… sadly, no promises there (this wedding stuff is super time consuming). You can still order some of my little guys, the throws will be hanging around until shop closing day.

I will be closing the shop some time in June and keeping it closed until after my honeymoon; reopening in October.

I will also be opening my Store Envy shop in October, for anyone that doesn’t have an Etsy account, this will make it easier to shop without having to sign up for anything.

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