In hiding.

Penny has not come out of the bedroom in weeks. Sure she comes out to eat, drink… expel. Oh and lets not forget when she runs into the living room to shred the furniture… before running back into the bedroom, her daily cardio. She just doesn’t hang out anymore. She used to lay nearby all the time, now I can never find her. Penny’s really been into hiding in my hamper, under the bed and in her carrier. Unless shes in the bedroom window stalking her least favorite squirrel. I almost feel bad installing the air conditioner on her, which is why I’ve barely slept what with all the tossing and turning due to overheating. The above picture was taken yesterday when I had my camera within arms reach of Penny pleading for attention.

Just for fun I added a second photo, Penny after we came home from the Mets game a few weeks ago… the things she lets me do to her.

Yarn, A Love Story.

During the Summer while I was visiting the Lion Brand Studio, I was telling one of the girls how I wish my cat would stop attacking my yarn when I work on projects. She told me to give her her own ball of yarn and she’d stop. She didn’t stop, but she did get a bajillion times cuter, if that’s possible.

She really, REALLY loves this ball.

Adorably nappy.

I can’t tell you how many photos I have of this kitty in various stages of nap. She is so freaking cute! I recently gave her a ball of yarn to play with and she’s gotten in the habit of being a million times cuter, I don’t know how Terrence and I are going to survive this. I’ll try to get a picture of her playing with the yarn soon, view at your own risk.

Her Royal Neediness.

This week while Terrence was at CTIA in New Orleans, Penny was more needy than ever. This usually happens when he goes away. For those of you that don’t already know, Terrence works from home and Penny is very attached to him. So when he’s gone and I work all day, she gets lonely. She either shows this by being overly needy or overly depressed. The day I took this photo was definitely the latter.

This particular day Penny stayed in bed from the time I went to bed around 5am (I don’t sleep well when Terrence is away), and didn’t get up until I scooped her at 2:30ish that afternoon. This is not normal Penelope Pussycat behavior, I thought she was defective. She didn’t like me very much for disturbing her, but I made up for it by letting her sit outside with me. She loves the back steps.

Tonight Terrence returns, we’re both oh so excited. Well, Penny doesn’t know she’s excited yet, but she is… trust me.

(Photo taken with Instagram)

Got a package.

I put Penny in this box and closed it up so I could present it to Terrence as a gift. Once he was done being psyched about his awesome kitty, I took her away and returned the box to the floor so she could hop out. Instead of leaving the box Penny decided to camp out in it… because she’s adorable.

A nose by any other name.

Today I wanted to focus on one of my favorite parts of Miss Pussycat, her nose.  We believe our kitty to be the most beautiful of all kitties, and this teeny detail may be the biggest reason.  When she was a kitten she had ringworm on her nose, and even then it was still adorable. Disease ridden, but adorable. She only got slightly irritated by me taking incredibly close range photos of her today.  Penny let me know when she was done by putting her little paw on the camera lens, damn cute kitty.  I then stopped and played some games with her, then gave her a couple of treats as payment for her hard work.

Attention whore.

While I was in the middle of shooting photos for this last style post someone got a little jealous and needy. Penny nudged her head into the camera several times and then laid in front of me, turned onto her back and began soliciting pets with her adorable meowing.

A look back in time.

I haven’t really been taking photos of Penny recently. I love her all the same, but lately we spend most of our down time cuddling, sleeping and crying rather than playing and snapping photos. Give us time, we’ll get back in the swing of things soon enough. But just to remind you how adorable Miss Pussycat is…

a teeny kitten.

!!! (For emphasis)