Going through changes.

I made the username iamduckydale back in 2003. It was the best/worst year of my adolescence. I always refer to being 19 as my favorite age, despite all the angst and poor judgment in haircuts. I went out with friends almost every night, and survived on 20 minute power naps and cherry pop tarts. It was my first year living without my mother, my first time being single since I was a freshman and the year I got my first computer.

MySpace was where I first started blogging. A ton of immature rants could be found there if “New Myspace” didn’t wipe out the old system. Which may or may not be a good thing… still thinking it over. Eventually I moved on to blogger, where… to be fair, you can also find immature rants. In 2009 I arrived here, where hopefully my rants have matured. With every new URL I’ve always thought about changing my username, but after exhausting my brain trying to come up with a new one I’d give up.

I hate iamduckydale. Its like that bad haircut ^^^, but this one won’t grow out. Terrence has repeatedly told me that I can’t change it because its how the internet knows me, its my brand. I don’t know, I think redirecting will help the internet adjust. Once I can figure something out that has an open domain and shop on etsy, I’m gonna make the move. Its been ten years now, its time for a change.

Weirdly awesome.

Love from CNET!

In the middle of the summer I quit my job. I didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t a plan… I was actually in a bit of a state of shock after it happened. However, it was both the best and stupidest thing I’d done all year. I have a wedding fast approaching and I have no job. So instead of feeling useless and dependent I began staying up until 4am nightly and crocheting until I was passing out.

The result has been weirdly awesome. It started when I posted a sneak peak here and on instagram. Then a friend reposted that sneak peak on Reddit, which had several thousand views. I thought that was where it was going to end, until I was putting up photos of all of my nightly work on flickr, readying them for when I would update my etsy shop. That’s when the explosion happened.

In my last shop update I told the story of how it8bit, spread the word about my blankets and it was the craziest day ever.

But just as the crazy was winding down, more crazy. Again, I didn’t know what was going on…

Love from Technabob!

All of a sudden I was getting a crap ton of emails again and I was super confused. Its funny how I never know when any of this happens and I have to search the internet to find out why I’m feeling all sorts of random love.

The best part though wasn’t when these big tech blogs noticed me, it was when Terrence kissed my head and told me he was proud of me. When I first quit my job, Terrence was glad. Then after some time went by Terrence was stressed. He’s still pretty stressed, but for a minute there he was proud and a teeny bit less stressed. Now, when the internet loves me enough to make this my full time job that I can survive on and possibly fund my wedding with… that’s when I’ll be happy and all the stress can finally be gone. For now, I’m just seriously flattered.

And chock full of exclamation points! So many that I have to randomly squeak and punch things. Don’t worry. no one has be injured by my exclamation points… just a little confused.

A plague on my house.

I’ve been sick all week. What started as a sore throat has now developed into a sinus infection and cough. It’s like every morning my immune system spins the dial and comes up with a new way to torture me. I finished my antibiotics and feel no closer to done with this disease. When I went to the doctor on Friday and he seemed confused about what exactly was wrong with me, he couldn’t decide between a viral or bacterial infection, so he gave me a Z pack and 48 hours of bed rest. I was hoping to be better by now, but only feel worse. I’m sure working nearly 10 hours a day can’t be helping. Ugh.

I can’t help but think back to being sick as a child and having the time to get better. I would be out for as much as two weeks sometimes. I miss childhood.

(Photo taken with Instagram)

Dirty word, four letters, starts with D.

I’ve recently begun watching what I eat and exercising more. Not to squeeze into some bikini or to get into bridal shape, but because I don’t like what I see looking back at me in the mirror. Not to mention that I have some seriously unhealthy eating habits and have had high cholesterol since I was 15-years-old. I’m trying to be a good girl. What I’ve found out since starting this new “diet” is that people can be very negative towards you when you watch what you eat. I’ve been getting so much shit for counting calories and working out. Things ranging from people actually shoving deserts and fast food in my face to being called out for being skinny and stupid. It really does confuse me how much negative feedback you can get for trying to be healthy.

I don’t want to lose weight, I’ve spent most of my life trying to gain weight, I just went about it the wrong way. Prior to this diet I didn’t eat my vegetables and considered a bag of Onion Rings a meal. All 126lbs of me is basically fat and unhealthy. I have no upper body strength and I can’t climb a flight of stairs without getting winded or physically exhausted. This may all sound silly to most people, I get it, I’m not fat… but sometimes I feel just as unhealthy. I don’t think it’s fair to judge anyone on how they feel physically.

Growing up I was always a scrawny kid, I didn’t reach 100lbs until I was in college. I wore baggy clothes to hide how grossly thin I was and I was constantly teased and called anorexic. Despite eating everything in sight, I never put on any weight. In the last two years I’ve gained over 30 lbs and lost most of it and gained some back and lost some more. The number on the scale doesn’t offend me and I like the way I look with more weight on. When I look at photo’s from my early twenties it bothers me, but it also bothers me that I have rolls now and stretch marks and loose sag skin.

My goal is to be healthy, get rid of the cholesterol issue, maintain my weight and gain strength and agility. I want to be all hardcore and athletic, I want to be able to complete something bad ass like a triathlon. I would at least like to be able to cross off three things on my life list; learn to swim, run a 5k, bike the entire Cape Cod rail trial.

Maybe my bride to be status does in small part have something to do with this new lifestyle change, I’ve said yes to the idea of spending the rest of my life with Terrence… I want that life to be a little longer. Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with a treadmill.

Lana Del Rey, or in other words, my new lady crush.

It’s a good thing they legalized gay marriage here in New York, because I just have to marry this woman.  Sorry Terrence.  This summer when I was introduced to her first single, Video Games, I was blown away by her talent.  Being the cynic that I am, I reserved my infatuation for more singles. Then came Blue Jeans, which was friggin awesome, needless to say I was sold and couldn’t wait for an LP. But today when her new video for Born to Die was released on YouTube, it was over.  I’m officially in love, the wedding is underway. I love female artists with a strong voice, its gets me all giddy.

Her lips kill me, I feel like its almost an insult to cover them with lipstick. Jealous.

(Feb 1. 2012) Update: The LP kind of sucks. Damn.

And then the roof fell down.

Last week-ish we were asleep, when all of a sudden — THUD.

When we got back from vacation a few weeks prior our kitchen ceiling began to fall apart. This spot is right above Dutch’s food and water dishes, thankfully we moved those already.

I blame heavy rain and shoddy landlords. Seriously, no one has bothered to take us seriously about the state of this ceiling. During “Tropical Storm” Irene we had pot and pans scattered all over the place to catch the drips. Terrence’s closet was under attack and since the end of August has been emptied with its contents scattered ALL OVER our bedroom. Now every time it rains, its an indoor affair. Its beginning to look like more of the kitchen ceiling will be tumbling down any day now…

Supposedly theirs a very busy handyman just waiting to sink his teeth into our roof issues… I’m starting to believe he’s either fictional… or dead.

Send help soon, Love Ana.

Beware the Ides of March

Living bakery adjacent has its perks, the air outside is always delicious and sometimes if we’re around at just the right moment we score free bread.  Downfalls come with perks too unfortunately, lack of parking, loud baking sounds throughout the night, oh and one more thing… the occasional mouse.  This is the part that makes me thankful we have Penny… sometimes.  In the year and a half living here we’ve had a handful of tiny visitors, but Penny made sure that they counted.  Their was the first one, when I thought she was playing with a toy and then it began to move on its own, resulting in my crying/laughing  hysterically as I clutched onto the broom and the phone (with my mother coaxing me back from the ledge) trying to get the mouse out before it scurried back downstairs from whence it came. Second time Penny caught a friend she wanted to show off her talents while we were sleeping and dropped it onto me in the bed. Try getting back to sleep after that, well… Terrence had no trouble… bastard.  Third friend Penny cornered in the bathroom until Terrence grabbed it up by it’s tail and set it free outside.

Terrence is friend to all things Mickey, Jerry and Itchy.  I’m all about murder, death, kill the intruder and he’s all set it free in a patch of daisies and sprinkle some cheese on it.  These three visits were all last year around the same time… the end of Winter/Beginning of Spring.  And like clockwork it started again.  This time Penny is better prepared, last year she had been new to hunting… she’d carry her friends around in her mouth and then lose track of them.  She’ll not be made to look like a fool this year though, this year she was better prepared.  A few weeks ago on a lovely Sunday morning, I was walking into the bathroom as I was wiping the sleep from my eyes and their he was on the floor waiting for me… this time, dead.  Penny had learned how to kill her pray, at least she didn’t bring it into my bed.  I ran into the bedroom and begged Terrence to get rid of it, all the while he was apologizing to the critter and saying “Poor little guy”.  Freak.  I looked at Penny and was all, not cool cat… but thank you.

Yesterday morning a similar pattern of sleeping from eye wiping was occurring on my way to my morning shower when I noticed yet another friend of Mickey on the floor… this time the bathroom floor was splattered with blood… it was everywhere.  I ran into the bedroom and shook Terrence awake (did I mention it was 6am?) and told him that Penny had massacred a mouse in our bathroom.  Without a fuss or evening asking questions he got up, unrolled some toilet paper and picked up Penny’s leavings… on his way back from the garbage he said to me without raising his head, “You’re gonna have to clean the blood” and then he went right back to sleep.  I was still standing their stunned that my adorable little Penny had become a serial killer.

Poor little guy.

Yarn invasion.

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Last year when I made Terrence’s Space Invaders blanket for our anniversary there were a lot of people trying to convince me to open an online shop and sell them.  At the time I didn’t think I was talented enough to charge people for my afghans.  And so I continued to craft things and learn.  Back in October I decided to make another Space Invaders blanket, this time in the original game colors.  The recipient of this creation was to be Terrence’s sister, Beth.  She’s always shown an interest in his blanket and said that she wanted one, never in a serious “Make me one” kind of way though.  Even still I used her as my excuse to make the blanket again.  I had a lot of fun with hers and tried to make it as authentic as possible.  One problem I had, however, was that it was too large.  I miscounted my chain and was too lazy to redo it.  I really hate crocheting the first line, it makes me cranky, so big it stayed.  This time even more people urged me to sell them.  So sell them I will (in a slightly smaller version).  I created an Etsy shop, which is currently empty and awaiting my fingers to heal and craft more afghans.

I’ve been crocheting since I was 12-years-old, but only ever learned one stitch (double crochet).  Before I go on with my Atari recreations I wanted to learn a stitch that would be more box-like and in the last few weeks have been studying on YouTube and eHow.com to perfect what my mother taught me.  Now I feel a bit more ready.  Today I even started work on sketches for a new video game blanket, but I’ll continue to make the same old one, don’t worry.