Sometimes I learn.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I can’t read crochet patterns. I’ve tried for over a decade and its always just been gibberish to me. I don’t make traditional patterns for the work I do either, its just a post-it note of nonsense that only I understand. Yes, my entire blanket designs fit on a single post-it.

Lately I’ve been working on blankets from the time I wake up until the wee hours of night, not giving myself much time to goof off. So tonight I challenged myself to finish a certain amount of work so I could play. I fell short… but I played anyway. It wasn’t that short, I promise.

When I try new things I usually watch youtube videos to figure them out. I wanted to make a pumpkin, but I couldn’t find a good video to teach me. Determined as I was, I read two different patterns and tried to make them work until I settled on one. I actually followed it! I had to scrap it several times and every now and then I needed to Google, but I did it. My stuffing is a bunch of cotton balls and its totally lopsided, but its ok. I just wanted to learn something new.


Here comes Galaga.

Does it make me sound cocky if I say how much I love my new throw? Whatever, I LOVE my new throw! I have a list of all the blankets and throws I want to eventually make. Since I already have Space Invaders, Galaga was low on my list of next projects. However, someone requested that I make it… which instantly makes it a priority on the list. Before I upset any gamers with my comparison of Space Invaders to Galaga let me just say, I only mean style wise, I already make something with rows of intergalactic enemies. Don’t yell at me, I’m sensitive.

Either way, I really like Galaga because of how colorful it is. It has a lot of pop. I’m also glad I decided to add the specks of stars. I’m super excited for when I have the time to make a full level blanket, as much as I love my little throws, I really love making full length level blankets. They make me nostalgic for hanging out at the arcade with my friends. I was a big Ms. Pac-Man junkie and I remember Galaga was right next to Ms. Pac-Man at our local arcade. My friend was a huge Galaga fan so even though we ran to separate machines we were at least close enough to hang out and be engrossed by our chosen arcade machine.

Now I’m making myself sad that that arcade went out of business in 2006. The above photo was taken the last weekend it was open. I went to the auction of all the games, we wanted to bid on skee-ball — that would have been awesome. Terrence won me the tiny color tv prize that I had always saved up my tickets to get. Tears. Guys if you still have one, support your local arcade.

R.I.P. Sand Lane Arcade ❤

What was I talking about…? Oh yeah, I made a new throw! More pictures after the break…

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Shop Update: The Photo Finish.

Etsy Shop is now fully loaded!

Donkey Kong

The Barrels Level

I started my morning early, I set up my room to take photos and I planned on starting to write up my etsy listings. As I was writing horrible copy for my afghans I was being getting messages and comments from Etsy, twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. I wasn’t too confused at first and went along with my business… and then I noticed my gmail inbox was filling up quickly. I refreshed my dashboard for this site and saw the view counts in places that I’d never achieve in a million years on the merit of my rantings alone. And then the hunting began, the hunt for the source. I’m assuming we, more Terrence than I, unearthed the beginning of the crumb trail.

At the time that I’m writing this there are over 800 notes on tumblr in regards to my work. A few weeks back Terrence’s bff couldn’t contain himself and excitedly posted my crappy mobile phone preview photo of the Donkey Kong blanket onto Reddit. It’s gotten over 6,000 views… which would sound exciting to me, but only a sliver of those people actually came to my website and no one contacted me. My point is that these 800 notes mean more to me than the 6,000 views. Big thanks to, more specifically Pacalin for thinking my work is neat.

I started this rant with another point in mind. Ah yes, with all of this attention I had to scramble to finish all of my listings and post them immediately. I initially planned on updating Tuesday, I’m a fan, Tuesday breeds excitement in my heart. Its because of all the eager bus and train rides to music stores early on new music Tuesdays, its a warm memory. Today has been a whirlwind of photo editing, crappy copy writing and shipping rate hunting. After the crazy was over I treated myself and my girlfriends to a night of delicious froyo at Red Mango and a moonlit walk under the Verrazano bridge.

And now for the rest of what you really came here for… shop updates…

Pac-Man + Ms. Pac-Man In Love Throw


Space Invaders Throw


Princess Peach Hearts Mario Throw

FYI, clicking on the images will link you to each individual item. Just in case. Oh, and tons more photos can be found on flickr, here and here.

And now that it is just about 2am, its time for a much needed sleep.

Coming Soon…

Here’s a sneak peak at my newest crochet project, I still haven’t decided if I plan to keep it in the family or set it free. If I do plan on selling it, I will be doing so sometime in Autumn when I restock my etsy shop. Keep an eye out… or just check back here. I’ll also be doing a full reveal in the coming weeks (with higher quality images not from my phone).

This afghan was by far the most challenging piece I’ve ever worked on, I enjoyed every moment I spent on it… even the not so great ones where I realized I made a mistake and had to demolish several lines at a time. I already have plans to duplicate this blanket, I just don’t know when, but I’m really eager to start.

Yarn invasion.

Click for more images

Last year when I made Terrence’s Space Invaders blanket for our anniversary there were a lot of people trying to convince me to open an online shop and sell them.  At the time I didn’t think I was talented enough to charge people for my afghans.  And so I continued to craft things and learn.  Back in October I decided to make another Space Invaders blanket, this time in the original game colors.  The recipient of this creation was to be Terrence’s sister, Beth.  She’s always shown an interest in his blanket and said that she wanted one, never in a serious “Make me one” kind of way though.  Even still I used her as my excuse to make the blanket again.  I had a lot of fun with hers and tried to make it as authentic as possible.  One problem I had, however, was that it was too large.  I miscounted my chain and was too lazy to redo it.  I really hate crocheting the first line, it makes me cranky, so big it stayed.  This time even more people urged me to sell them.  So sell them I will (in a slightly smaller version).  I created an Etsy shop, which is currently empty and awaiting my fingers to heal and craft more afghans.

I’ve been crocheting since I was 12-years-old, but only ever learned one stitch (double crochet).  Before I go on with my Atari recreations I wanted to learn a stitch that would be more box-like and in the last few weeks have been studying on YouTube and to perfect what my mother taught me.  Now I feel a bit more ready.  Today I even started work on sketches for a new video game blanket, but I’ll continue to make the same old one, don’t worry.

Happy Christmas, Charlie Brown stlye.

Here is our Charlie Brown Christmas Card, I knew we’d find a use for those old Halloween costumes eventually.  Here we are, starring in no particular order…

Terrence as Linus Van Pelt:

Ana as Sally Brown:

Dutch as Snoopy:

and Penny as Woodstock:


I hope you all enjoy your holiday! Please keep in mind that theirs twelve days of Christmas… so if I see any trees out on the curb before January 6th I’m gonna cry. You don’t want to make me cry do you?

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & A Happy 3 Kings Day to you all!!!!

(ED Note: Click on our Christmas card to see outtakes from the entire photo shoot)