I was born April 10th 1984 to Minerva Garcia.  My 3 older brothers and I were raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Currently I live in West Brighton, Staten Island with my husband Terrence O’Brien, our adorable kitty Penelope Pussycat and stepdog Sizzle.  I’m usually cheerful and enjoy filling my time by crocheting and baking with friends.  I’m incredibly open about myself and my life but an otherwise terrible introvert and recluse. This is where the crocheting comes in handy as a career.

When I began designing afghans at the age of twelve I basically just did stripes, two alternating colors, barely large enough to cover a toddler. The projects were few and far between, basically whenever someone I knew had a baby. That is until Terrence, asked me to make him a blanket in 2010, he joked that I should make him a Space Invaders blanket. So I did. I made a couple more for people that loved his and then I opened my Etsy shop, Penelope and Clyde, to see if someone I didn’t know would be interested in my work. After I sold my first afghan Terrence challenged me further and told me to make a Donkey Kong blanket. After a year of planning and some trial and error, I was finally ready to create it. To my shock I actually pulled it off. So now here I go, trying to one up myself by putting out afghan after afghan. Now the challenge is branching out into different things outside of the video game realm and also able to push myself to do it quickly… we’ll see. Wish me luck. So far, so good.

Since becoming engaged and having a new business simultaneously, my level of stress is often fairly high. I’m hoping to create some little things, like accessories or pillows, to lighten the load a bit. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some of those soon.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a cat exactly like Penelope ,it is incredible exact the same markins on the nouse and every thing is identical.
    It is immposible for the cats to be related because i live in Long Island NY.
    I wood like to send you a picture

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