Guess Who’s Back?!

I’ve been on my computer for nearly 4 hours now, its totally weird. I’m a bit nauseous, the screen is definitely getting to me. I almost feel as though I’ve been living under a rock these last few months, all this new music and news… who knew the world kept on going without me?!

I’m going to try to catch you guys up as best I can before I become swamped with orders and go back into hiding! Since we last spoke I’ve been wifed up, its totally awesome being married to Terrence, he’s kind of the greatest… shhh, don’t tell him. I’ll talk about things wedding in depth in another post, in the meantime here’s a tiny glimpse…

Photo by Evan Brockett

I want to wait until we get back all of the wedding photos to talk about it, I can’t wait to share our wedding story with you guys!

I reopened my etsy shop today, I’m a tiny bit scared of all the orders that will soon follow… scared and excited. I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I’ll have some new friend reveals this week… not nearly as many as I wanted, sorry, getting married is time consuming. I’m also having second thoughts about opening the storenvy shop, its fully stocked and ready though. We’ll see, I’m worried about overworking myself with little prep time because of the wedding. I would have preferred to have had some blankets already made and some half made to be a step ahead of the chaos, without that safety net I might end up burning out with two shops.

But enough silly chit chat, lets get started on some blanket reveals! Not that the internet didn’t already spoil my surprises months ago, but lets pretend they didn’t and act surprised anyway! YAY!


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