How sweet it is…

So as I said earlier my oldest niece, Nina Rayne, turned sweet 16 a few weeks ago. I was 12 when Nina was born, if it weren’t for her you guys would know nothing about me, or my silly little blankets. I asked my mother to teach me how to crochet just so I could make things for Nina, I made her two blankets in her first year and a few ugly hats. When she turned 12 she asked my mother to teach her how to crochet, its how we bond.

This is my beautiful niece with my her father/my brother, Christopher.

I was still young when Nina was born, I often felt more like her big sister than her aunt. My brother lived below us in a small 3 family building until Nina was 5 or 6, we grew up a little together… so sometimes I hated her, I was definitely jealous of her, but most of the time I loved her– just like a big sister/aunt should. Once I was in high school, around when Nina was 3, was when I really began to love hanging out with her. I became overwhelmed with this feeling that I had to instill some old fashioned values in her. I’d steal her away to my room and we’d listen to quality music and watch old tv and movies together. I used to think she was the coolest little kid because she knew all the words to The Partridge Family theme song, Come on Get Happy. I used to put the song on and make her sing it for my friends to show off how awesome I was making her. She’d teach me all about her Furby and I’d teach her all about Alf, it was a fair exchange.

I’m not sure if my attempts to shape her young mind stuck, but she’s still pretty awesome. I got a bit tipsy at her sweet 16, the nostalgia was too much for me. Its weird to see her all grown up. I sort of feel like I blinked and missed all of it.

I still have her Furby, I stole it once she grew tired of it, it sits on my bedside table.


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