How sweet it is…

So as I said earlier my oldest niece, Nina Rayne, turned sweet 16 a few weeks ago. I was 12 when Nina was born, if it weren’t for her you guys would know nothing about me, or my silly little blankets. I asked my mother to teach me how to crochet just so I could make things for Nina, I made her two blankets in her first year and a few ugly hats. When she turned 12 she asked my mother to teach her how to crochet, its how we bond.

This is my beautiful niece with my her father/my brother, Christopher.

I was still young when Nina was born, I often felt more like her big sister than her aunt. My brother lived below us in a small 3 family building until Nina was 5 or 6, we grew up a little together… so sometimes I hated her, I was definitely jealous of her, but most of the time I loved her– just like a big sister/aunt should. Once I was in high school, around when Nina was 3, was when I really began to love hanging out with her. I became overwhelmed with this feeling that I had to instill some old fashioned values in her. I’d steal her away to my room and we’d listen to quality music and watch old tv and movies together. I used to think she was the coolest little kid because she knew all the words to The Partridge Family theme song, Come on Get Happy. I used to put the song on and make her sing it for my friends to show off how awesome I was making her. She’d teach me all about her Furby and I’d teach her all about Alf, it was a fair exchange.

I’m not sure if my attempts to shape her young mind stuck, but she’s still pretty awesome. I got a bit tipsy at her sweet 16, the nostalgia was too much for me. Its weird to see her all grown up. I sort of feel like I blinked and missed all of it.

I still have her Furby, I stole it once she grew tired of it, it sits on my bedside table.


Warby Parker Fridays, Holt.

Yes, I’m still here. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, that I will eventually (hopefully) find time to write about. My nieces sweet 16 was two Fridays ago and I had to get pretty and party hard. Last week we were running around preparing for my bridal shower, and then hosting and recovering from it. I learned why most brides have nothing to do with shower planning, who needs that added run around. This wedding stuff is becoming more and more stressful… and scary. But, back to business– HOLT!

I got the Holt frames as my second attempt at wearing blue frames down the aisle, I enjoyed the fade from navy to a light blue.

Holt in Blue Slate Fade

So… what do ya think?

I liked me some Holt, but they just weren’t right for the aisle. Slightly too large for my face, or so everyone kept telling me. Feel free to disagree. The Holt’s were my last pair in my try-on box, but don’t you worry… I have one or more (maybe) surprises in store from Warby Parker.

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See you next week (or the week after, who am I kidding at this point)!