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Warby Parker Fridays, Pierce.

Today I’m going to the eye doctor to renew my prescription. I’m not a huge fan of eye doctors, they creep me out. I’ve always been uncomfortable with ophthalmologists and dentists in general, I don’t like strangers being that close to my face. Once I get this over with I can order some glasses online and be merry. It’s all worth it in the end.

Pierce in Greystone

So… what do ya think?

I liked these glasses, although I don’t think they work for my face. They’re very angular, which I love, but I think I need a softer edged frame. Warby Parker is very hit or miss for me, I find that I love a frame so much I forget about my face. Whenever I go to any other eyewear shop I’m very specific with which frames I know will suit my face. Something about WP makes me wanna be wild and try them all. Its an addiction.

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