Year Four, Month Six. (42/192)

Three very important albums came out in March, Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, Phosphorescent’s Muchacho and The Strokes’ Comedown Machine. To be honest, The Strokes album was a grower for me. Some songs had an immediate impact, but the rest took some time, mostly because I felt the album was all over the place. Phosphorescent’s new album is beautiful, I fell in love with it immediately and just wanted to sit in the dark with it on repeat for hours. What stopped me from listening to Muchacho on repeat or having the time to immediately let Comedown Machine sink in… The 20/20 Experience occupied my life for several weeks, I didn’t have time for anything else. If you got into my car in the Springtime, odds are JT was playing on repeat. I apologized, no one took offense.

I lost my iPod in May… if I find it I bet JT will be queued up.

Justin Timberlake, Let the Groove Get In

I actually listened to this song so much, that I made myself sick of it. I hadn’t played Let the Groove Get In in several weeks, today being my first time since retiring it. The time apart was good, now I’m into it all over again. I love it so much!

Other notable songs,
Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
The Strokes, One Way Trigger
Justin Timberlake, Dress On

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 4.
October | Anything Could Happen
November | Wrath of God
December | Sheila
January | San Francisco
February | Sacrilege
March | Let the Groove Get In

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