Kiss the day goodbye…

I stayed up until nearly 3am last night sifting through all of my saved items on Google Reader before it officially powers down tomorrow. If any of you follow me on pinterest… I’m sorry for the crazy amount of activity.

I’m really bummed that Google is closing down Reader, I’ve been using it around 7 years, I’m invested. Like other blog hoarders out there I’m searching out a Reader alternative, I’ve been toying with Feedly, Bloglovin and Digg Reader. I haven’t exactly decided on one yet. I know Google gave us 3 months to ween off… but I’m a stubborn person when it comes to change. I’d been attempting to use Feedly since Google made their announcement, but a few things about it bother me. The biggest thing, its not Reader.

So far I think its going to come down to Digg or Feedly, Bloglovin leans more towards a social networking angle on RSS, I don’t really care to get into all that. I might give AOL’s Reader substitute a chance at some point. I’m basically going to import my Google stuff to as many different places as I can before tomorrow. I’m still hoping that Google Reader will come back, I’m guessing blogs are going to be that ex-girlfriend they just can’t walk away from.

I know… I was a terrible ex-girlfriend too. Ok, I guess I’ll have to decide between one of those faux Readers. Sigh.


So which Google Reader substitute have you decided on?

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