Warby Parker Fridays, O’Brien Style

This week I thought we’d take a break from my tired old face to bring you my handsome husband-to-be, Terrence, modeling his very first try-ons. Terrence has always been a bigger fan of metal, so when Warby Parker introduced metal frames to the usual line up, he began to come around. He even got a couple of plastic frames in his set of 5.

The last time Terrence* updated his frames was 2006, we got our glasses at Selima Optique. Since then I’ve since gotten 2 more from them and 1 from WP. I love to buy new glasses, but Terrence is a little less eager to change something that he feels is working. Even though he’s shopping around now, he still intends to update his old Mykita’s with new lenses. Maybe my frames addiction will wear off on him.

Terrence in his Mykita frames, its love.


Crane in Whiskey Tortoise


Edison in Brushed Ink


Reynold in Revolver Black


Greeley in Brushed Granite


Chapman in Brushed Ink

So… what do ya think?

I was a big fan of the Crane, I also liked the Greeley. Terrence was into the Edison and the Crane only, he really didn’t like the other three. After asking his sister and a few friends for their opinions it seemed pretty unanimous for the Crane’s. Terrence still prefers the Edison’s but he trusts us. He plans on buying them after he visits the eye doctor in a few weeks. I’m pretty excited. I’d never seen him in plastic frames (aside from when I put my glasses on him and tell him he’s pretty), I think they look nice on him. Hopefully he’ll eventually agree with us.

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Three cheers for the winners!

See you next week!

Ana & Terrence

*Terrence was super sleepy when we did our photo shoot, he also hates having his picture taken… so forgive him his droopy/irritated expression. He tried.

Bully Inn

I wasn’t in a big rush to add a new dog to our family since losing Dutch, but in the last 14 months we’ve housed 3 strays… and Terrence has wanted every one of them. Unfortunately for him, along with the help of our amazing friends, we have found a loving home for each stray that’s come through our door. This isn’t one of them, this is Queen Sizzle, she belongs to my brother Paul.

Whenever I’d attempt to open my heart to one of our strays something in me shut down, I couldn’t do it. I’ve developed quite a reputation for being the witch that won’t let Terrence have a puppy. For a while I was convinced that I’d never get over Dutch and be able to have another dog. That is until Paul asked us to watch his puppy, Queen Sizzle, two months ago. I seriously didn’t want to give her back. Sure she was annoying and I had a few complaints about her lack of training. Her most obvious flaw being that she wasn’t accustomed to going for walks and as a result would keep me walking around my neighborhood for several hours a day with no finale. But what she lacked in training she made up for in good behavior and personality, so we threatened to keep her captive anyway– she was adorable.

Somehow my brother is trusting us again to watch his girl while he and his family are off on vacation. Terrence is already plotting to keep her and I’ve been spoiling her rotten. Thankfully Paul listened to my advice since her last visit with us and she’s learned all about being walked and what’s supposed to happen. She’s still rusty on her commands, but those are easy to correct. I’m hoping to teach her to lay down before our week is up. Yes, our time will come to an end. I don’t actually want to keep my brothers dog, sure it would be nice, but my nephew and nieces love her too much. I mean c’mon, they gave her this regal title to carry along.

Queen Sizzle has awoken something in me, she makes me want my own pup. She also makes a few of our friends want one as well, the ladies got charisma. Dogs like Sizzle are great for pit bulls, I wish every skeptic could know a bully like her. Dutch had that same charisma, he turned a lot of skeptics in his day. Currently we’re waiting until after all the commotion with the wedding, my holiday rush of orders and Terrence’s tech traveling season to end before we seek out our own puppy. Although we’re getting more and more impatient, we know it would only be fair to our future dog. In the meantime, her highness over here is welcome whenever she wants.