Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 3

Happy Summer, y’all! Ok, now that the sun is in full effect I REALLY need to get some sunglasses. I only tested one pair during my last try-on, I have to check out a few more to make my final decision. It’s hard being blind in the summer months, prescription sunglasses are crazy expensive. Thank goodness for companies like Bonlook and Warby Parker. Its like this whole new world to me, I no longer have to wear a pair of non-prescriptions over my regular glasses or spend over $200. Well… once I find a suitable pair that is.

Madison Sunglasses in Rum Cherry

So… what do ya think?

Again, I love the color… I’m a huge Rum Cherry fan. I thought the frames were slightly large for my face, but I kind of liked them. I still wanna try a few more. I’m really into the new Ocean Avenue Collection, but they don’t send those home. I have to make my way to the new Warby Parker store on Lafayette St. soon before they’re all gone. I’ve been dying to have an excuse to go anyway.

A lot of low cost yet fashionable online glasses shops are popping up all over, its nice, but what makes Warby Parker the best (to me) are the home try-ons. Who wants to invest in a pair of glasses that you can’t test out first? I know most of these online shops have the virtual try-on option, but I can’t deal with it, I find it so useless. Plus, this is so much fun.

Fun with Warby Parker
June 7th | Sloan
June 14 | Roosevelt
June 21 | Madison


2010 | HTO I
2011 | HTO II

See you next week!


Come out and play.

For months I’ve been waiting to see these infamous cicadas. Everyone keeps talking about them, posting pictures of swarms coming out of the ground. Terrence and I have been whining about feeling left out for months, that is until he went backpacking upstate and came home with these pictures.

What a jerk. Now I was the only person that hadn’t seen any cicadas. I was convinced they just didn’t like Staten Island’s North Shore, every park I’ve visited so far have been completely cicada-free. I concluded that I would forever be the only person that wasn’t going to see any cicadas… that is until yesterday. I drove down to the South Shore to quickly grab something from Target and on my way into the store I saw a squished cicada on the floor. I WAS SO EXCITED! I called Amanda immediately to boast about my cicada sighting, who cares if it was dead or alive, I saw one. She didn’t answer, my excitement had to stay within. Then on my way out of the store I saw several more squished cicadas, I began to count, 1-2-3… 4-5, AND THEN… I heard a lady screaming and saw her waving her hands all around her head. CICADAS!!!!! I saw 3 flying around the parking lot, it made me so happy. I can’t wait to go back to the South Shore now and go on a cicada hunt. I want to get up close and personal with my new friends.

I know you might think I’m gross, but I love them.


*All photos taken by Terrence O’Brien