State of a dress.


What happens to a wedding dress when the party is over? The above picture is of me playing around in my mothers old dress. I’ve worn it for Halloween and other various bouts of dress up throughout my life. I’ve never had any grand ideas of getting married in it, I just thought it was fun to play with. My mother really wanted me to get married it in, but it just wasn’t my style and I certainly didn’t want to cut her dress up… seemed rude. My mom is all about traditions, superstitions, faith… all things I’m not about.

Recently my mom and I were sitting around discussing the afterlife of my wedding dress, I want to dye it and keep on wearing it. I hate the idea of wearing something once and deserting it in the closet or in a box for the rest of its life. When I casually mentioned this conversation to Terrence he was very opinionated. Who knew he was so invested in the life of my dress. He wants me to save it for my daughter, he’s weird. Terrence teeters on the line of wanting and not wanting children, so whenever he makes these grand declarations I get confused.

My mothers wedding dress is currently balled up on top of a box in my brothers garage. After Hurricane Sandy dissolved her home it was among the few things spared. It was on a high shelf in a dress box. We took off one weekend from cleaning out her apartment and her landlords threw away nearly everything we had salvaged, oddly enough they took her dress out of its box and balled it up and left it atop a tiny pile of things they decided to keep for her. She hasn’t wanted to look at the tiny pile of things since we recovered them… so there it sits, still in the state that it arrived in. Observing the life of my mothers wedding dress put a little less emphasis on saving things like that. Hurricane Sandy put a new spin on possessions for me all together. I’d rather choose the fate of my keepsakes rather than be heartbroken by the fate chosen for them.

So… I wanna dye my wedding dress pale pink and wear it to parties. I’m sure my imaginary daughter won’t be offended.