We Will Become Silhouettes

This past weekend I fulfilled the dream of my 19-year-old self, I saw The Postal Service live. It was absolutely fantastic. I was filled with such an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. I could visualize just about every moment I listened to Give Up back in 2003, from empty parking lots to dark bedrooms. It was an amazing feeling. The best part was that Jenny Lewis was there to complete the team, I was wondering which female vocalist they would bring along from the album, I’m glad they chose her. I love Jenny so much. Amanda and I got drunk very quickly and danced and sang along to every song.

I was a college freshman when Give Up came out and Amanda was a high school freshman… I feel a lot older… probably because I am. Its different with a band like The Postal Service, since they only made one album. I’ve seen plenty of bands live that I’ve been listening to for over a decade and not had that feeling. The Postal Service definitely represents a time in my life, whereas those other bands don’t necessarily do the same thing for me.

After the show we drove around listening to The Postal Service, Figurine, Rilo Kiley, Dntel and a little Death Cab For Cutie… we were in full on nostalgia mode. I’m amazed I could still remember all the lyrics to all these songs that are 10 or more years old. We exchanged stories that each song transported us back to… it was a good night.

I only wish more of our friends could have enjoyed this night with us, but it was nice even with just us.

“Everything will change…”


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