Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 2

Remember when I said I wanted blue frames for the wedding… here are the first ones. The color made me sooo happy. I was instantly wide awake and having fun the moment I put them on. The Roosevelt’s were by far my favorite to play with… I think it shows.

Roosevelt in Bondi Blue

So… what do ya think?

I love the color, but I don’t think they work on me. They’re a touch too big and I’ve decided that the style of nose piece, keyhole, doesn’t work for my face. From now on I’ll try to avoid it, although most of my favorite pairs have it. I find that all the best colored frames either have that keyhole, they’re round or have the eyes on cheek thing… this is how I describe the ones that I’ve decided don’t suit my face. One day I’ll find out the proper terms for them.

It’s been two years since I last updated my sight, so the hunt for new frames shall continue. I also desperately need sunglasses, I’m getting old and squinting makes for crows feet. I’ve started getting headaches when I drive in the strong sun and those visors are no help. So I have two hunts, wedding frames and driving frames. Wish me luck.

Fun with Warby Parker
June 7th | Sloan
June 14 | Roosevelt


2010 | HTO I
2011 | HTO II

See you next week!


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