Our weekend in Instagram

We had ourselves a full, fun and delicious weekend. Saturday started at the annual Big Apple BBQ Block Party in and around Madison Square Park. We go every year, and every year its amazingly delicious. If you’re a carnivore, I strongly recommend it. After we had our fill of meat, we sought out dessert uptown at Ladurée for the best macarons in the city (as far as we’re concerned). Since we were nearby, we decided to walk over to Central Park to sit and eat our dessert with the Alice in Wonderland statue. We capped off Saturday with drinks and a light dinner at the Beer Garden in Battery Park, where we met a very curious little bird. Saturday was an awesome NYC day. My friends and I plotted out our plan to tourist it up this Summer. We’re all born and raised New Yorkers, but none of us have ever taken full advantage of the sites. For most of us tourists are irritating, we’d never want to be mistaken for one. This summer that will change, we fully intend to do as much tourist stuff as we can fit in, I’ll be documenting our adventures with the hashtag #mistakenfortourists. Also, Amanda and I will be hashtagging our random adventures together with our new duo name, #pandana (sadly a ton of people use this hashtag, we might have to come up with a new one).

Terrence left for E3 in L.A. early Sunday morning. So Sunday was all about the ladies. Amanda and I had planned to go back into the city for round two of the block party and do some shopping. Unfortunately, we got a late start and had to skip it. Instead we were tourists on our own island. We went to Willowbrook Park and rode the carousel then strolled around looking for cicadas (no luck). Then we picked up my mom to head into Manhattan for lobster rolls at Luke’s Lobster and a bit more tourist fun. After a quick dip in the city we came back to Staten Island and I showed my mother and Amanda parts of the waterfront around the ferry that they’d never seen before.

Finally, we ended the evening with pizza and Game of Thrones. Good weekend. I hope to have more like it this summer. You can find me (@anapetree) and Amanda (@iamanda123) on instagram this Summer to follow along and see the sites.

P.S. I forgot to mention that we stumbled upon an impromptu Krishna parade on Saturday. Don’t get confused, Amanda isn’t enlightened or anything.