Warby Parker Fridays, Pt. 1

Its been a few years since I’ve had fun with some Warby’s. So long in fact that some of my past favorites aren’t even available anymore… sad (in case you missed those, check out try-ons one and two here). I took hundreds of photos this time around, so instead of having one post I thought I’d drag it out. From now on, or until I run out of styles, Friday will be Fun with Warby Parker Day.

The objective of this set of home try-ons was to find a suitable pair of new specs to get married in. Originally I only had blue frames in this set, but I realized that some of the frames wouldn’t suit my face and I took them out. I’m actually still not even sure about any of the frames from this box and I’ll probably end up doing it again. I really do want a blue pair for the wedding, or at least something new and fun. Plus, its time for new glasses anyway. Here it goes you guys, our first pair, our first Friday…

Sloan in Rum Cherry

So… what do ya think?

I know these photos are a little stiff, It’s been so long since I did self portraits… especially close ups, I loosen up and start to have fun with it after these frames. Maybe the deep red made me serious… I dunno.

See you next week!