Year Four, Month Four. (40/192)

I’d never heard of Foxygen prior to this album, but the moment We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic began to play, I was into it. San Francisco is such a happy and mellow song, it reminds me of that feeling I get when The Beta Bands’ Dry the Rain is playing. Its nothing too in-your-face amazing, but its a solid track. I love it. I’m bobbing my head to it as I type this, you should too.

Also, this video is good times… if not a little seizure-y here and there.

Foxygen, San Francisco

Other notable songs,
Yo La Tengo, Ohm
(That’s all I got, it was a slow month)

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 4.
October | Anything Could Happen
November | Wrath of God
December | Sheila
January | San Francisco


I’m going to start something new, embedding the actual playlist for this years soundtrack. I haven’t decided yet if I should include the notable songs in the playlist, any opinions? Either way, here it goes… I may be behind on writing these posts, but at least you can follow the year in progress as it unfolds on Spotify.


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