Year Four, Month Three. (39/192)

Nothing really comes out in December, I feel like everyone tries to get their music kicks in before then, this way they can make all the year end lists. So picking a song for December is always difficult. A lot of times I b***s*** with an ok song, rather than one I really love… but I actually really love this song. I don’t usually listen to Memory Tapes that often, I always forget about them. Although I feel like they always have one stand out track on their albums that I love and play on repeat. This is definitely that song.

Another thing about listening to music in December. I’m usually taking advantage of the brief window I have to listen to all the classic holiday songs that feel weird to hear outside of December. Not so much the Burl Ives or Bing Crosby’s, but the Waitresses, Kinks and Pogues… ok, I might listen to the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York outside of December. It transcends the holiday season. I also just like to listen to a lot of oldies during the holidays, it makes me feel warm and cozy inside its familiarity.

Memory Tapes, Shelia

Other notable songs, (throwback edition)
George Harrison, Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp
The Velvet Underground, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
Pogues, A Fairytale of New York

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 4.
October | Anything Could Happen
November | Wrath of God
December | Sheila

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