Who, What, Wear: Little Houses

Amanda is one of the most fashionable people I know, since I’ve been throwing all my cash towards my wedding rather than clothes, she’s going to be helping to bring back the style posts here.

Amanda is one of my closest friends (she’s also my maid of honor), I talk to her everyday. Our communication often flows towards outfits and shopping. We exchange countless text messages and emails filled with pics of which to wear with what, or links of should I buy or isn’t this cute. Recently Panda asked my advice on how to wear heels. She’s always been more of a ballet flat or ugg boots gal. She’s previously made the classic error that a lot of girls make when buying heels, too tall. This is especially bad for women that don’t usually wear heels. I can’t tell you how often I go to parties where the ladies are running around in slippers or with bare feet. Its because of this infatuation with super tall heels instead of cute comfortable heels. My advice to her was to look for a heel between 2-3 inches. Tons of cute shoes come in this heel height and they’re comfortable enough to walk around in all day.

Amanda is my youngest gal pal, just having turned 24, she wants to start exploring a more ladylike sense of style. She would also like to keep her childlike sense of self. This outfit is all about exploring both sides.

Get used to this face, she’s gonna be helping out a lot while we plan the wedding. She’ll probably also stick around after that. Maybe I’ll even let her write one of her own posts so she can explain her thought process while shopping.

Bow/Claire’s, Cardigan/Forever 21, Dress + Shoes/Modcloth, Earrings/Betsey Johnson, Tights/Express

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