Going through changes.

I made the username iamduckydale back in 2003. It was the best/worst year of my adolescence. I always refer to being 19 as my favorite age, despite all the angst and poor judgment in haircuts. I went out with friends almost every night, and survived on 20 minute power naps and cherry pop tarts. It was my first year living without my mother, my first time being single since I was a freshman and the year I got my first computer.

MySpace was where I first started blogging. A ton of immature rants could be found there if “New Myspace” didn’t wipe out the old system. Which may or may not be a good thing… still thinking it over. Eventually I moved on to blogger, where… to be fair, you can also find immature rants. In 2009 I arrived here, where hopefully my rants have matured. With every new URL I’ve always thought about changing my username, but after exhausting my brain trying to come up with a new one I’d give up.

I hate iamduckydale. Its like that bad haircut ^^^, but this one won’t grow out. Terrence has repeatedly told me that I can’t change it because its how the internet knows me, its my brand. I don’t know, I think redirecting will help the internet adjust. Once I can figure something out that has an open domain and shop on etsy, I’m gonna make the move. Its been ten years now, its time for a change.

3 thoughts on “Going through changes.

  1. Noooooooooooo. If we stop being friends (again), how will I find you except by typing in “iamduckydale” into a search engine?!… Or find your Flickr account?!

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