Year Four, Month One. (37/192)

Sometimes when I’m so behind on these I double or triple up… but this time I decided to go along as normal… just REALLY behind. Maybe I’ll catch up one day, although with a fairly busy crochet schedule and a barely planned wedding looming… I doubt it. Take me as I am ghost readers! I love every one of your silent eyes! Also, I’m totally sneaking this post out today, I should be working right now… I’ll be doing that for weeks to come.

Hello, my name is Boring.

One thing that always comes in handy while I’m hooking away on my couch… music. It just occurred to me that you think I’m a prostitute, I assure you I’m not, hooking is fancy talk for crocheting.

Hello, my name is Fancy.

I miss this.

MUSIC. I freaking love this song. I love any tune that forces my hindquarters to inadvertently move in a quick paced sided to side motion. Its true. The video however, I really don’t like it. It reminds me of when I was in middle school and I watched entirely too much MTV. I remember how a music video could make or break a single. Sometimes I would fall in love with a mediocre song because of its great video and other times I would change the channel if a horrid video came on, despite the songs merit. The point being… this video made me change the channel. Don’t worry Ellie, I have iTunes.

Ellie Goulding, Anything Could Happen

Other notable songs,
Sky Ferreira, Everything Is Embarrassing
Tame Impala, Elephant
Bat For Lashes, A Wall

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 4.
October | Anything Could Happen

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