My last pumpkin, EVER.

This passed Sunday my girlfriends and I had a fun filled evening with junk food, scary movies, knives and glitter paint. The girls painted and carved while I got it into my head to create a pumpkin masterpiece. I don’t know why… I might be a masochist. Next year I’m going back to the old triangle standard of pumpkin decorating, its quick and painless. It took me something like 8 hours to finish this bad boy, but I eventually did and I’m quite satisfied with the result. Even if the process was kind of the devil.

Maybe it was more like 5 hours, I stopped in the middle to crochet my friends some little pumpkins and to have pizza in front of the TV. It was a lovely evening.

The sad ending is that my pumpkin didn’t survive the week. It withered and crumbled into itself and I had to throw him away last night, I blame the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having. Maybe next year I’ll try my hand at painting a pumpkin, or perhaps I’ll go a step further and buy a plastic pumpkin to paint… hmm. I don’t know. At least I have a picture to remember you friend, my last pumpkin… ever.

(Probably not ever)

If you want to know how I made this devilish pumpkin, I’ll tell you… but its not a method I would recommend repeating. I didn’t have the proper tools or a clear plan to start with. I basically just printed out an image and taped it to the pumpkin. Then I poked holes at each point so the outline would be imprinted onto the pumpkin. When I took the picture off I could barely see the dots so I would recommend a thick poking tool. I then looked at the image to try and determine each angle I had to carve at. Carving out the face and chest would have been easier if I had a sculpting tool but I just used a razor blade, a pairing knife and a needle tool (that I use when I play with polymer clay). Again, I DON’T recommend my methods. The outline was a lot simpler, I free handed the triangular part and just used a tiny pumpkin knife to do the squared angles.

I know this doesn’t help at all… but if you dare try this let me know. I’d love to see someone else have a better time with this design.

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