Yarn, A Love Story.

During the Summer while I was visiting the Lion Brand Studio, I was telling one of the girls how I wish my cat would stop attacking my yarn when I work on projects. She told me to give her her own ball of yarn and she’d stop. She didn’t stop, but she did get a bajillion times cuter, if that’s possible.

She really, REALLY loves this ball.

And then…

…sometimes I upgrade my yarn and insides to produce something better.

I had so much fun making this pumpkin that I had to go out and buy some fiberfill and 100% wool yarn in orange so I could make it better. I’m super happy with the result. I’m going to make this guy in white and then move on to try to make more cool amigurumi creations. I promised Terrence’s sister I’d make her a hamburger, it’ll be an adventure. The pattern I have for that is a little confusing, but I’m going to give it a try.

If you’d like to join me in populating the world with tiny yarn pumpkins the pattern can be found here. Sure, I’ve seen better pumpkins out there but no patterns. Maybe next year.

Ingredients I used:
Patons Classic Wool in Pumpkin
Stitch Nation Alpaca Love in Espresso Bean
Poly-fil stuffing

Happy crafting!