Weirdly awesome.

Love from CNET!

In the middle of the summer I quit my job. I didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t a plan… I was actually in a bit of a state of shock after it happened. However, it was both the best and stupidest thing I’d done all year. I have a wedding fast approaching and I have no job. So instead of feeling useless and dependent I began staying up until 4am nightly and crocheting until I was passing out.

The result has been weirdly awesome. It started when I posted a sneak peak here and on instagram. Then a friend reposted that sneak peak on Reddit, which had several thousand views. I thought that was where it was going to end, until I was putting up photos of all of my nightly work on flickr, readying them for when I would update my etsy shop. That’s when the explosion happened.

In my last shop update I told the story of how it8bit, spread the word about my blankets and it was the craziest day ever.

But just as the crazy was winding down, more crazy. Again, I didn’t know what was going on…

Love from Technabob!

All of a sudden I was getting a crap ton of emails again and I was super confused. Its funny how I never know when any of this happens and I have to search the internet to find out why I’m feeling all sorts of random love.

The best part though wasn’t when these big tech blogs noticed me, it was when Terrence kissed my head and told me he was proud of me. When I first quit my job, Terrence was glad. Then after some time went by Terrence was stressed. He’s still pretty stressed, but for a minute there he was proud and a teeny bit less stressed. Now, when the internet loves me enough to make this my full time job that I can survive on and possibly fund my wedding with… that’s when I’ll be happy and all the stress can finally be gone. For now, I’m just seriously flattered.

And chock full of exclamation points! So many that I have to randomly squeak and punch things. Don’t worry. no one has be injured by my exclamation points… just a little confused.