Year Three, Month Eleven. (35 of 192)

I love the way every Animal Collective album has a distinctly different sound, all while keeping the bands signature style. I adore this band. I spent most of August jamming to Today’s Supernatural over and over again, the energy is fantastic. When I first listened to Centipede Hz it had that same energy throughout the album, I strongly recommend it. Then again, I strongly recommend all of their albums. Everyone stop what you’re doing and throw some love towards the Animal Collective.

Animal Collective, Today’s Supernatural

Remember when I said that music was amazing and that it was becoming harder and harder to narrow down a single track to represent each month… yeah… I jinxed it. This was the last amazing single of the summer as far as I’m concerned, everything else is alright. I’m trying to dig deep for next months pick, but I’m feeling a settle coming on.

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 3.
October | Intro
November | Take Care
December | Montreal
January | I Belong In Your Arms
February | Oblivion
March | The House That Heaven Built
April | Krokodil
May | Tomorrow
June | Motion Sickness
July | Take A Walk
August |Today’s Supernatural

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