Who, What, Wear: Luck of the Irish

Its been a while since I felt like doing an outfit post shoot, something about Summer. Summer makes me uncomfortable in clothes, I can’t wear cardigans, shoes or tights… it takes all the fun out of getting dressed for me. I’ve never been a fan of open toe shoes or sandals so I don’t really own any. That will definitely have to change next year, these last two months have been torture, I can’t be bothered to put any type of shoe on. I think that as I get older my feet get hotter and die if I enclose them.

I actually took these photos in the middle of Spring, but was too distracted to do anything with them… and then I forgot.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting a lot of things lately, what with all the frantic planning of the wedding, our big Summer vacation, me quitting my job (I’ll talk about that another time), trying to rush all of my projects so I can work from home (we’ll put a pin in that too) and of course my latest rush to the finish of our engagement party plans. My sleep schedule is demolished.

Was I supposed to be talking about clothes? Oh yeah. Only a few weeks left until Autumn, the best time for getting dressed. Hopefully my business plan will work out and I can afford to make myself pretty by then. Fingers crossed.

Details: Cardigan + Top/Aerie, Belt + Skirt/H&M, Tights/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Spring, Necklace/Poppy and Fern, Spectacles/Warby Parker

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