Year Three, Month Ten. (34 of 192)

I hadn’t realized how long it was since Passion Pit‘s last album came out, three years. Right before I heard this new single my friend asked me if Passion Pit was gonna be releasing something soon and I was all, it hasn’t been that long since the last one. Jump to literally two weeks later and I heard Take A Walk, not only that but I was able to procure the full album. I guess I didn’t notice the spacing of time because I still listen to Manners on a fairly regular basis, I wasn’t yet yearning for more. But since I got it — and it is awesome — I’m all… hmm, I guess it had been a while.

Passion Pit, Take A Walk

I don’t want to jinx it, but these last couple of months have gifted us with some really great albums. Thanks Summer, you’re not bad… even if you do rob me of comfortable fashion choices.

Runners up for July’s best song,
Twin Shadow, Golden Light
Bat for Lashes, Laura
Passion Pit, I’ll Be Alright
Dirty Projectors, Gun Has No Trigger

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 3.
October | Intro
November | Take Care
December | Montreal
January | I Belong In Your Arms
February | Oblivion
March | The House That Heaven Built
April | Krokodil
May | Tomorrow
June | Motion Sickness
July | Take A Walk

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