Year Three, Month Ten. (34 of 192)

I hadn’t realized how long it was since Passion Pit‘s last album came out, three years. Right before I heard this new single my friend asked me if Passion Pit was gonna be releasing something soon and I was all, it hasn’t been that long since the last one. Jump to literally two weeks later and I heard Take A Walk, not only that but I was able to procure the full album. I guess I didn’t notice the spacing of time because I still listen to Manners on a fairly regular basis, I wasn’t yet yearning for more. But since I got it — and it is awesome — I’m all… hmm, I guess it had been a while.

Passion Pit, Take A Walk

I don’t want to jinx it, but these last couple of months have gifted us with some really great albums. Thanks Summer, you’re not bad… even if you do rob me of comfortable fashion choices.

Runners up for July’s best song,
Twin Shadow, Golden Light
Bat for Lashes, Laura
Passion Pit, I’ll Be Alright
Dirty Projectors, Gun Has No Trigger

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 3.
October | Intro
November | Take Care
December | Montreal
January | I Belong In Your Arms
February | Oblivion
March | The House That Heaven Built
April | Krokodil
May | Tomorrow
June | Motion Sickness
July | Take A Walk

A look back.

I recently came across this photo of Terrence and I taken a few months after we started dating. In the midst of all this wedding planning and life planning that we’ve been doing lately, this photo made me think. One day if we decide (more he than me) to have children, this will be one of those photos. That low quality, somewhat unattractively posed, but still happy looking picture of your parents. This is one of those. It made me happy.

My parents in their early 20’s

Who, What, Wear: Luck of the Irish

Its been a while since I felt like doing an outfit post shoot, something about Summer. Summer makes me uncomfortable in clothes, I can’t wear cardigans, shoes or tights… it takes all the fun out of getting dressed for me. I’ve never been a fan of open toe shoes or sandals so I don’t really own any. That will definitely have to change next year, these last two months have been torture, I can’t be bothered to put any type of shoe on. I think that as I get older my feet get hotter and die if I enclose them.

I actually took these photos in the middle of Spring, but was too distracted to do anything with them… and then I forgot.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting a lot of things lately, what with all the frantic planning of the wedding, our big Summer vacation, me quitting my job (I’ll talk about that another time), trying to rush all of my projects so I can work from home (we’ll put a pin in that too) and of course my latest rush to the finish of our engagement party plans. My sleep schedule is demolished.

Was I supposed to be talking about clothes? Oh yeah. Only a few weeks left until Autumn, the best time for getting dressed. Hopefully my business plan will work out and I can afford to make myself pretty by then. Fingers crossed.

Details: Cardigan + Top/Aerie, Belt + Skirt/H&M, Tights/Urban Outfitters, Shoes/Spring, Necklace/Poppy and Fern, Spectacles/Warby Parker

You are cordially… definitely… possibly… invited.

Drama is taking the reigns of our wedding planning and stressing me out. Up until now I had been pretty lax in my planning, that is until I realized how quickly the dates are approaching. I have to seriously start mapping things out and stop pretending I have time on my side. First order of business has been the guest list, the dreaded guest list. We knew this would be an issue the moment we booked the venue, once the director told us we had a 150 guest cap. This number wouldn’t seem so bad to most couples, most couples that don’t have mothers with 10 siblings each. Yeah, and these 20 aunts and uncles come equipped with children, and grand children… and significant others. Damn, did I mention the plus one factor, oh that’s right… I’m trying to block it out.

I admitted to my mother fairly early on that she was going to be upset with my cutthroat invitation process, and she was. My mother and I preceded to argue over the guest list for months… and months. That is until last week when she finally conceded. I’m not particularly close with the majority of my excessively large family, most of whom I only see at funerals. I know, I’m a shitty relative, I’m socially awkward in most aspects of my life, this does not exclude family functions… I hate functions.

Recently we realized the cost of getting married is pretty high and it would be easier on us to keep things minimum, meaning we were going to try to move our 150 cap closer to a 75. This conversation about finances was the one that opened my mothers eyes and inspired her to stop arguing with me. However, Terrence hadn’t even begun arguing with his parents, and he picked the worst time to start… mostly because I was in the room and really didn’t want to be apart of that discussion.

I wish things were easier. But honestly, I’d rather have a modest gathering of my closest and most important friends and family, rather than a plethora of obligation invites. Unfortunately this process is going to be ugly and people will be unnecessarily offended. Hopefully most people will be more open minded and honest about what kind of relationship they think they may have with us. Wouldn’t that be nice.

But on the bright side… we found the cutest invitations! Yeah, we kind of swooned.

Obviously these are fully customizable and will be altered to suit us and our wedding details. But you get the basic idea and the final result will still be a surprise. Even though only a select few will be receiving these fantastic little cards in the mail, don’t worry I’ll share the final product when the time comes.

xo, Ana

Coming Soon…

Here’s a sneak peak at my newest crochet project, I still haven’t decided if I plan to keep it in the family or set it free. If I do plan on selling it, I will be doing so sometime in Autumn when I restock my etsy shop. Keep an eye out… or just check back here. I’ll also be doing a full reveal in the coming weeks (with higher quality images not from my phone).

This afghan was by far the most challenging piece I’ve ever worked on, I enjoyed every moment I spent on it… even the not so great ones where I realized I made a mistake and had to demolish several lines at a time. I already have plans to duplicate this blanket, I just don’t know when, but I’m really eager to start.