Experimental beveraging.

A while back I decided to experiment with coffee ice cubes. I myself do not drink coffee, so my experiments had to be done through an intermediary.

Step one was easy, make coffee. Even though I don’t drink coffee, I’m pretty well versed in the subject. I live with a bit of an addict. I made the coffee a bit stronger than usual and I didn’t add anything to it. After making the coffee I let it sit and cool to room temperature.

Step two, distribution…

Step 3, freezing…

Now would be a good time to brew up some more coffee, remember to add sugar and milk (or whatever you like to add to coffee) before cooling. If you forget to add your sugar before cooling you’ll find it a bit tough to stir in. You can also make a simple syrup (combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, simple) and add that to the already cooled down coffee, it stirs in just fine.

Step 4, collecting…

Step 5, dispensing…

Step 6, serving…

Step 7, enjoying…

After making my first batch Terrence suggested I make the coffee a little weaker. He also began using just one regular ice cube combined with 3 coffee ice cubes. He seems to really enjoy my experiment. Although he did get a bit lazy and more than once has sent me to the coffee shop to bring home cold coffee so he wouldn’t have to make his own, he’s too impatient to cool coffee. The first time I had to order a large iced coffee, black, no ice I got the most bewildered look. It took some explaining.

I hope this inspires you to try something new… even if you’re not the one actually “trying” it. Happy drinking!

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