Destination, lourve.

I fell in love with Terrence before I met him. I remember waking up every morning and rushing to my computer, knowing there would be a new email or instant messages waiting for me, for weeks Christmas came daily. Once we finally hung out it got harder to appear sane and fight the urge to blurt out my feelings. It took me several months to reveal them, and ever since its been kind of awesome. I knew I wanted to marry him pretty early on as well, everything about our relationship moved quickly, I think it all relates back to our email acquaintanceship. I love to listen to Terrence ramble on, I love his company and seeing his adorable face everyday. He is everything to me and I’m pretty psyched to be contractually bound to him.

This weekend we went out to test run these unsightly glasses for Terrence’s job. He had to take them out for a few different activities, one of my favorites being a bike ride. Usually when Terrence and I go out for bike rides we like to swing by the same couple of spots, one of which being the beautiful Alice Austen House, the location where we will being getting married next Fall.

Being there is kind of magical, it fills the both of us with this spark and excitement. I wish planning weddings were a bit easier, I’d marry him tomorrow if it were simpler. I would get married at City Hall if I could but I know my mother, she would give me the silent treatment for about a decade. I didn’t have a sweet sixteen or go to my high school prom, my mother needs to see me in a puffy dress. I wouldn’t mind it either, I could use a good puffy dress day.

We intend to have the ceremony either on the front lawn or along the bushes on the waterfront pictured above. These details are dependent on the weather. If it rains the front lawn will have to be dominated by a big circus tent. Either way our plan is to have the water and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as the backdrop.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the details as they unfold… not too many though, I’ve gotta keep some of the mystique for the big day.

We had a lot of fun on our bicycle adventure this weekend, here are a few pictures from along the way.

(This landmark was supposed to become the National Lighthouse Museum… until funding fell through and it was left to just fall apart. The location is one of my favorite spots on the island, sadly it remains undone and closed off.)

(Odd that we came across this Maxx Moses, a street artisit from CA, piece just chilling on the side of Edgewater)

(I’ve determined that these glasses are ugly to distract you from the built in camera capturing your every move)

Ana is wearing: Shirt/H&M, Jeans/Delias, Shoes/Seychelles, Necklace/A Beautiful Mess for Modcloth. Terrence is wearing: Shirt/American Apparel, Pants/Levi’s, Shoes/PF Flyers.

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