A slightly less beautiful dessert.

For years now my girlfriends and I have been having on and off again movie nights, although usually less movie and more gossiping. We generally also end up watching television series rather than movies. The last two months have been spent throwing a weekly Game of Thrones night (sometimes bi-weekly), and we decided to add another tradition to the mix, desserts. We decided to make our evenings slightly more special by having a home-made treat.

Inspired by recipes found on A Beautiful Mess, these are our last two food experiments.

Our first dessert was the frozen hot chocolate, I messed it up a bit. Since the girls are behind on the show I made this one on my own, I was impatient and didn’t let the chocolate cool long enough, I also should have crushed the ice first. Man, I made the BIGGEST mess. Next time we also have to be sure to have straws, it was kind of hard to drink. I do want to try this one again, it was close but I think I can do much better.

Last night we tried the mini banana split. This one worked out perfectly, not as pretty as the originals, but delicious. We improvised a bit and added sprinkles, because really, whats a sundae without sprinkles.

I love our new tradition, mostly because it’s so damn tasty.

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