Her Royal Neediness.

This week while Terrence was at CTIA in New Orleans, Penny was more needy than ever. This usually happens when he goes away. For those of you that don’t already know, Terrence works from home and Penny is very attached to him. So when he’s gone and I work all day, she gets lonely. She either shows this by being overly needy or overly depressed. The day I took this photo was definitely the latter.

This particular day Penny stayed in bed from the time I went to bed around 5am (I don’t sleep well when Terrence is away), and didn’t get up until I scooped her at 2:30ish that afternoon. This is not normal Penelope Pussycat behavior, I thought she was defective. She didn’t like me very much for disturbing her, but I made up for it by letting her sit outside with me. She loves the back steps.

Tonight Terrence returns, we’re both oh so excited. Well, Penny doesn’t know she’s excited yet, but she is… trust me.

(Photo taken with Instagram)

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