Who, What, Wear: Pink + Stripes

Their isn’t anything particularly stunning about this outfit as far as I’m concerned, I just had fun wearing it. I felt like going to a playground and jumping off swings. It may have been the combination of bright pink and stripes that just made me feel like a child. I took plenty of unusable photos twirling around and running up to the camera.

I also put some effort into my hair today, which made me feel extra pretty, despite it being a bit messy. The point is I tried. I said months ago that I would experiment with different styles as my hair grew out and I failed.

Terrence is still gone, and the vacancy of this apartment gets me wired. I tend to get a little silly when I’m home alone. I blast music and dance about, I sing out loud and eat frosting out of the jar. I have to eat a vegetable soon or I may spin out of control.

Outfit details: Dress/Modcloth, Leggings/Target, Cardigan/H&M, Shoes/Chelsea Crew, Specs/Selima Optique, Necklace/Chicwish

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