Find a beer I’ll enjoy.

So after years, possibly a lifetime of looking, I finally found a beer I can enjoy. Allagash‘s Old HLT. It’s named for the stainless steel hot liquor tank in which it was aged, it sat for two years, with 2,000 pounds of Michigan cherries. It was a bittersweet occasion when Terrence passed me the pint to have a taste. It was delicious, the tart of the cherries completely overshadowed the whole hops and barley taste that usually turns me off. Unfortunately this brew was limited edition and once I crack open this second growler that Terrence bought, it’ll be gone from my life for good.

Of course I would finally, after countless beer tastings, brewery tours and brew pub dwellings, find a beer I can tolerate and have it be over as fast as it was poured.

Last August we visited the Allagash brewery while we were up in Maine, it was easily one of my favorite breweries we’ve toured so far. Terrence plans on going back this summer with his parents, I’m going to have him beg for a do-over. I would do it myself but can’t get off work for the entire family vacation, damn job. If I never find a suitable beer for my pallet again I’ll make sure to put the blame entirely on my job, just another reason to hate them.

Sigh, good ol’ HLT. I’m going to savor that growler and save it for a special occasion. Maybe our engagement party BBQ.

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