Who, What, Wear: ¡Cinco de Mayo!

Terrence left for New Orleans on business early this morning and won’t be back for a week. His job is making sure I fully understand what life is like without him, as they’ve robbed him from me several weeks this year and only want to take him more. Bastards. While he’s gone I like to fill my days as best as I can, so I grabbed my girlfriend Amanda to occupy me. We decided for no reason at all that we were gonna do ¡Cinco de Mayo! up right this year. So we dressed up, Amanda donned her Día de los Muertos jewelry, and I shoved on as many colors as I could make sense of into one outfit. We also planned to have a Mexican movie marathon (¡Three Amigos!, Selena and Desperado) and eat tacos.

While we were out in public acquiring our food and other assorted goodies I felt peoples stares. I wish I could say it was because they thought I looked good… but I’m sure they just thought I was bananas. People around here don’t really dress outside the box. It’s ok though, Amanda was on my side.

I also enjoy putting outfits together that I know Terrence wouldn’t approve of when he’s not around to judge me. He’s very traditional with his clothes and hates excessive use of colors. But as long as you dress with confidence you can pull anything off. 🙂

Outfit details: Shirt + Leggings/H&M, Dress + Bow/Anthropologie, Shoes/Spring, Purse/Modcloth, Specs/Warby Parker, Accessories/Gifts from Terrence

P.S. Panda and I never even made it through the first movie, we ended up jamming to music and talking about boys all night. Maybe next year.

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