Year Three, Month Five. (29 of 192)


I’ve been in a battle with music lately, I’m having a bit of a hard time relating to it the way I did before. Last night Terrence and I had a discussion about my detachment, he says its because I care less and am less invested. I feel like I’m trying harder than ever to be invested in it. I guess that’s the problem, it just doesn’t come natural anymore. This song is a good time though, I may not be amazed by it, I’m not listening to it on repeat or anything… but it certainly has earned its place as my favorite track from the month of February.

Grimes’ Oblivion

P.S. I’m a bit behind on these so I’ll be overloading you guy in the coming days with music posts. Sorry.

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 3.
October | Intro
November | Take Care
December | Montreal
January | I Belong In Your Arms
February | Oblivion

6 thoughts on “Year Three, Month Five. (29 of 192)

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