A shocking proposal.

A few weeks ago I was stuck at work, as I usually am. Terrence had messaged me several times to see when I would be getting home, as he’s known to do. It must have been nearly two hours after I was scheduled to leave work when I finally did and for as much as Terrence was impatient for my arrival, I was just as eager burst through the door. This particular day was a little bit different than normal. As I swung through the backdoor, bundled up Christmas Story style and hands filled with bags and other assorted junk I generally tote with me back and forth to work, I nearly slammed into a waiting Terrence.

Terrence was at the foot of the bed, on bended knee, with tears in his eyes and a ring box thrust upward at me… before I was fully into the room he had ask, “Will you marry me?”. My response was to drop my things, walk away and blurt out, “Get the fuck out of here! Are you serious?!”

Before I continue I have to tell you that whether he knew it or not we were in the middle of a fight. Just three nights prior Terrence and I were sitting on the couch and I made some self deprecating comment about how I would never get married. To which he had replied, “Sure you will, I’m sure one day when you break up with me someone will eventually marry you”. Not an exact quote, but that was the gist of it. What an ass. I didn’t speak to him for the rest of that night, and continued to give him the cold shoulder and plot my escape… that is until he flashed this ring in my face, this ring he knew was on its way in the mail when he said what he said. Laughing on the inside the entire time. Ass.

Anyway, I walked back over to him all teary-eyed and gave him a big hug and kiss… and told him “Of course I will.” Terrence impatiently placed my over-sized ring onto my finger and before I could even absorb what had just happened, he said to keep my coat on and rushed me across the street to his parents house. With booze in hand he stormed through the door, woke his brother and ushered his parents into the living room, then had me expose my left hand for all to see and exclaim.

While we were on our way to my mothers house we took bets on how long she would cry. My mother is just about the most over emotional person in the tri-state area. She screamed a little and did a dance, but she didn’t cry… which had us worried. I’m pretty sure her backwards traditional mind was overcome with anger that Terrence didn’t ask her permission first, and that got in the way of her tear ducts behaving normally. Trust me, if this were something that were important to me he would have done it… but I don’t care. I later found out that I was right and received a phone call from her the following morning, hysterically crying and apologizing for her lack of a reaction. She told me that once it hit her she cried the rest of the night and most of the next day. All is right in whoville.

Two weeks later Terrence went out to dinner at Wo Hop with some coworkers and text messaged me his fortune…


2 thoughts on “A shocking proposal.

  1. Awww I cried reading ur blog! I love it ism sooooooooo happy for you…i wish you guys the best and many blessings love ya

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