Neighbor love.

Terrence’s parents and his sister live across the street. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy living so close to his family, but they really are the best neighbors. Terrence has become obsessed with the idea of moving lately and one my biggest motivators for wanting to stay is our proximity to his family.

One of the nice things about our neighbors are they’re adorable pets. They have 3 cats (Bubbles, Buttercup and Sam) and a dog (Cali). Buttercup is an odd cat, she’s just about the most lovable creature on the planet. She constantly wants you to pet her and in return she’ll lick your hand raw as long as its near her. When Cali moved in about two years ago it was the perfect pairing for Buttercup. Finally, she had a friend that would allow her to cuddle all day. Its a bizarre love affair.

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