Give me down to there hair, Pt 7 & 8!

Since I’ve been sort of slacking on the posts lately I thought I’d rush the do and post a two in one hair blog. I only have four months of intense hair growth stalking left so I thought I’d catch up a bit. Its been eight months since I fell pray to the hormonal scissor mishaps of my previous stylist and I figured I’d try and end it on time rather than a month after.

All the other times I cut my hair I felt like it grew way faster, I don’t know if its the watched pot syndrome or if I’m just remembering wrong… but it really did seem more like…

… then what its actually been.

There were two reasons I went to the salon back in May, initially I just wanted to trim my bangs and shape up my layers for my passport photo. The second, and last minute, reason was that I thought I looked boring and wanted more of a modern style. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never possess an edgy hair style, I just don’t have the hair type for the hairstyles I covet. I also think I may finally be ready to take my passport picture… once I trim my bangs, they’re getting a little wild. I promise I won’t chop the locks dramatically this time.



Progress for the win.

P.S. I really do give up on straightening my hair for these, too much work makes me sleepy and then I procrastinate.

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