Give me down to there hair, Pt 6.

I skipped Part 5. October was a miserable month and I was in no mood to wash my hair or take a photo. I didn’t want to disappoint two months in a row, so in spite of having just gotten into a really annoying car accident… I still took a photo for you. I was fine, the car wasn’t and 3 weeks of taking the bus was lame.

But back to hair. I dared to get length (sort of) cut off in November. It was time to shape up the mishap from Mays hair homicide. I returned to Lynn at Makeovers and we discussed all the things I didn’t want and the things I feared. Then she fixed the botched job. Its really nice to have hair that’s all one symmetric style.

I didn’t lose that much length and I almost feel like its growing faster now that its not a head full of mayhem. Might just be wishful growing. Although I am quite content with my haircut now that it’s not handicapped. Today I was looking through the sad photos that I took in my brothers bathroom a few hours after the butcher tossed a foot of my hair in the trash, I don’t know if I’ve made huge progress, but I am so much happier now that I’ve gotten my locks to an acceptable length.

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