Lana Del Rey, or in other words, my new lady crush.

It’s a good thing they legalized gay marriage here in New York, because I just have to marry this woman.  Sorry Terrence.  This summer when I was introduced to her first single, Video Games, I was blown away by her talent.  Being the cynic that I am, I reserved my infatuation for more singles. Then came Blue Jeans, which was friggin awesome, needless to say I was sold and couldn’t wait for an LP. But today when her new video for Born to Die was released on YouTube, it was over.  I’m officially in love, the wedding is underway. I love female artists with a strong voice, its gets me all giddy.

Her lips kill me, I feel like its almost an insult to cover them with lipstick. Jealous.

(Feb 1. 2012) Update: The LP kind of sucks. Damn.