Merry (belated) Christmas!

The initial idea for this years holiday photoshoot came from a picture of Terrence as a wee tike.

In just about every prepubescent picture of Terrence he is wearing red suspenders and a tie. For years I’ve joked with him that he always looks like he just got back from a Macy’s shoot. So I had to, for his mother, get him back in these suspenders. Since he was getting decked out in a childlike way, I figured I would follow.

Not that I dress all that differently as I did when I was a lass. My mother usually had me in tent dresses and saddle shoes, ruffled underpants. I stayed away from the ruffled panties this time around, I wanted to stay classy. I was simply going to have us standing in front of the tree in our tike outfits but Terrence thought the clothes wouldn’t make sense, by that he meant he wanted people to understand that he would never wear red suspenders unless there was a clear reason for it. That reason wasn’t clear enough so I had to quickly come up with some sort of photo story.

The more pictures we took, the more agitated Terrence became about his outfit. He was being a little brat, which I guess was him staying in character. So this is what my brain came up with for our Christmas card…

All in all I feel like we could have done better, Terrence was so ashamed of his silly suspenders and the lost concept that he didn’t send out his holiday e-cards until about ten minutes before midnight on Christmas day. Next year I suppose we’ll go back to a simple photo in front of the tree and leave the ill fitting suspenders in the past.

Outfits: (Ana) Dress/The Velvet Bird, Bow/Red Velvet, Shoes/Spring (Terrence) Suspenders/UO, Shoes/Puma, Pants/Zara, Tie/Vintage, Shirt/H&M

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Attention whore.

While I was in the middle of shooting photos for this last style post someone got a little jealous and needy. Penny nudged her head into the camera several times and then laid in front of me, turned onto her back and began soliciting pets with her adorable meowing.

Who, What, Wear: Business in the front.

Today while at work several people stopped me to tell me they liked my outfit. It made me feel super pretty and also very uncomfortable. Despite being able to open the door to my private life and let myself be completely self-absorbed here… I hate when people focus on me in real life. I’m kind of awkward and introverted… which gets mistaken for being a bitch quite often. I’ve learned to care less about people thinking I’m a bitch, I can’t help my behavior. However, I can totally be charismatic while hiding behind a computer screen. All a ruse. Enough about that and back to the task at hand. Its not the first time I’ve worn this outfit and I usually get loads of comments on it when I do, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s been a while since I opened my closet for you, here goes nothing.

This outfit came about when I was looking through my clothes at items I’ve had for a while but never wear. The shirt and sweater both have been collecting dust in my wardrobe for years, and now have a brand new life. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, it’s great to find new ways to wear old and seemingly useless stuff.

Outfit: Skirt: H&M, Shirt: Gap, Sweater: Aéropostale, Shoes: Aldo, Tights: Macys, Bow Ring: Modcloth, Specs: Warby Parker

Give me down to there hair, Pt 6.

I skipped Part 5. October was a miserable month and I was in no mood to wash my hair or take a photo. I didn’t want to disappoint two months in a row, so in spite of having just gotten into a really annoying car accident… I still took a photo for you. I was fine, the car wasn’t and 3 weeks of taking the bus was lame.

But back to hair. I dared to get length (sort of) cut off in November. It was time to shape up the mishap from Mays hair homicide. I returned to Lynn at Makeovers and we discussed all the things I didn’t want and the things I feared. Then she fixed the botched job. Its really nice to have hair that’s all one symmetric style.

I didn’t lose that much length and I almost feel like its growing faster now that its not a head full of mayhem. Might just be wishful growing. Although I am quite content with my haircut now that it’s not handicapped. Today I was looking through the sad photos that I took in my brothers bathroom a few hours after the butcher tossed a foot of my hair in the trash, I don’t know if I’ve made huge progress, but I am so much happier now that I’ve gotten my locks to an acceptable length.

Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three.
Part Four.

Lana Del Rey, or in other words, my new lady crush.

It’s a good thing they legalized gay marriage here in New York, because I just have to marry this woman.  Sorry Terrence.  This summer when I was introduced to her first single, Video Games, I was blown away by her talent.  Being the cynic that I am, I reserved my infatuation for more singles. Then came Blue Jeans, which was friggin awesome, needless to say I was sold and couldn’t wait for an LP. But today when her new video for Born to Die was released on YouTube, it was over.  I’m officially in love, the wedding is underway. I love female artists with a strong voice, its gets me all giddy.

Her lips kill me, I feel like its almost an insult to cover them with lipstick. Jealous.

(Feb 1. 2012) Update: The LP kind of sucks. Damn.

Wanted: Christmas Edition.

If you have a lady in your life that’s anything like me… she’ll want these things under her tree. Sadly, my beau has already finished his Christmas shopping. Maybe if he’s payed attention to the many times I’ve sent him links or flashed him the laptop screen while saying “I can has?” my wishes will too come true.

Like this laptop sleve from The NY Public Library shop.

I’ve been coveting this dress from Red Velvet for months now, I’m hoping to snag it soon. On the other hand I do have a soft spot for owls… thankfully so do a lot of people.

Just a few finds from my loved items on Modcloth, 1 A Beautiful Mess Necklace, 2 Blog On Satchel, 3 Stylish to the Chorus Coat

I’m seriously crushing on this handmade skirt from The Velvet Bird.

And my heart beats faster for these random internet finds, 1 Hamish, 2 JoTotes Camera bag, 3 Winstons, 4 Chelsea Crew Oxfords.


Personally, I can’t wait for the holidays to be over so I can get back to shopping. My many wishlists are busting at the seems, it truly is torture.

Happy shopping everyone.

Weekend in dating.

Terrence and I don’t get out as much as we used to, his job pretty much swallows him whole these days. So you can imagine how elated I was when he allowed me to steal him away from his computer for a weekend. I had to make sure it was well worth it, and I think I accomplished my goal.

Recipe for an awesome weekend in NYC,

Day 1:
Brooklyn Museum, Sanford Biggers Exhibit (Running until February)
The Islands (Caribbean restaurant, come hungry and patient)
Pacific Standard (Beer tastings, board games… good times)

Day 2:
American Museum of Natural History, Beyond Planet Earth exhibit and other such fun
Luke’s Lobster (Best Lobster Roll, EVER)
Brooklyn Boulders (bring gloves, land gently)

Its nice to be reminded how much you really enjoy the company of your partner. Terrence and I sometimes let the fact that we live together take the reigns of our “quality time”. But once you subtract the television and the computers, the nagging over whose turn it is to clean what, its amazing to know that after 7 years of dating you can still be thoroughly entertained by someone and enjoy every second of their company. I love this boy, he really is the best time.

Join a gym.

I joined the gym back in July, and went all of twice in the first week. Then never again. I have two goals in mind with this gym membership, the first is to be able to run a 5K, the second is to tighten up my abs (which are a blob disaster).  I wouldn’t mind some upper body strength too… even though my mother always told me that lifting weights will rob me of boobies. So I’m cautious with weights, come on, its not like I have much to give.

This month I decided to go everyday. I’m also doing a huge cut back on sweets, snacks, and other assorted bad-for-me foods. I came to this decision after realizing I had spent an entire weekend in bed surviving on Runts, cookies and cheese. Something had to give.

Terrence won’t let me go to the gym daily though, he says my body needs time to bounce back between workouts. So I’m going to do every other day until my body gets used to it and then see if I can get in more later. I dedicated December to this lifestyle, I don’t know if I want to go intensely for longer… let’s see if I survive the month first. I already miss snacking, I’ve been starving all day. I need to remember to bring fruit, nuts and jerky to work with me. 

Yesterday I got up early, on my day off, and hit the gym before anything else.  It felt great. Today I’m super sore, it even hurts to laugh. I’m hoping this is a good thing.

Wish me luck everyone.

Year Three, Month One. (25 of 192)

I saw M83 live once with Terrence back when we first started dating… I fell asleep a little. Back then it was just Anthony Gonzalez on a stage alone with a laptop and a drum machine… now he’s got a whole band and more to his music than ambient sounds… no fair, I call do-over.

M83’s Intro (featuring Zola Jesus)

Riley’s soundtrack, Year 3.
October | Intro