Have a drink at Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts.

Well, no one knew my name… except Terrence… but I’m okay with that. It took us hours to find this bar. The internet doesn’t really have a clear idea of which Cheers is the real one, but eventually we figured it out. At first it pointed us to a gift shop in a mall, then to a lame bar in some marketplace with cardboard cut outs of the cast members of the show. Terrence and I were both getting aggravated with one another trying to navigate around this foreign city, and it didn’t help that the internet kept fooling us.

But eventually after much walking and a hugely embarrassing public argument, we had finally found it.

You can see by the puss on my face that I’m still not very pleased with Terrence, it’s alright, alcohol was on the way.

That huge cup in my hand was intended to be a shot glass, I had already taken two significant swigs before this photo and had enough left for one more. See, the rage in my face had already begun melting away. I had asked for a shot a Patron, I’m not big on tequila but I figured since I wasn’t getting drunk I would do something painless and quick. I don’t like mixed drinks or beer so I only drink to get drunk and I don’t like to drink angry… the 3 in 1 shot was enough for me.

I sat at the corner, where Fraser would normally sit. I have this issue with being a tourist, it stems from wanting to punch all too many of them throughout my life in NYC. So I didn’t take too many photos of the bar, plus it was a huge tourist trap, which I found off putting. I could see where the inspiration for the shows bar had come from and I liked that, but the bar had lost its individuality. Once the Bull and Finch Pub, now although if you look really hard the name is in very small print here and there, but nothing is as profound as the big Cheers signs. Its on the napkins and the cups, the staffs uniforms. They even created a set bar on the second floor, if the rest of the bar wasn’t touristy enough for you. I actually thought the original bar downstairs looked more like the set bar then the pretend one upstairs. Terrence asked if I wanted him to photograph it but I declined it was kind of lame.

Unlike Sam and Woody the bartender there wasn’t very attentive, in fact he wasn’t even there for a while and it took ages to get our drinks and even longer to get the check. But the small child in me was elated to just be there.

After leaving I immediately called my mother to tell her where I was and she was super excited, as was I.

That’s her on the phone and my excitement.

After leaving Terrence and I took a walk through the park and had a super tasty and hugely filling dinner and met up with a friend at a far less gimmicky bar. By the end of the night we’d forgotten all about our embarrassing blowout… it was a long day. In the end it was nice to curl up in our hotel bed and fall asleep to the always pleasant and sorely missed food network.

More on our tip up north on a later date, I mean… I haven’t even disclosed the details of our trip down south from last year. Huge stories like these overwhelm me.

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